An innocent caught up in a world
of subterfuge and jealousy

She loved a prince
who couldn’t love

loved a prince
who wouldn’t trust

He thought her a whore
so corrupted was he
He couldn’t see how anyone
could be so pure
so sure was he
of her sins.

Madness followed madness

He betrayed her deepest love
accused and then abused
until she too then
danced with madness.

Unkempt, half naked
flowers in her hair
flowers everywhere
she sang bawdy songs
to anyone who’d listen.

Some say it was suicide
that she fell into the stream.

Wherever her soul sleeps now
I hope Ophelia’s dreams are
so much happier since all of
her hopes had been smashed
at the end of her too short-lived life.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

A tragdey (as told by me )  🙂

Shared with Magpie Tales #124

Heaven Sent

A lifetime together in other snapshots like this
His hair just as thin as when they first met
a smile plays on each of their lips

Skin much more wrinkled
time doesn’t stand still
not even for love
but neither of them cares.

Her foot is hanging
relaxed, dangling there
He’ll utter the same saucy words
adding a touch, a gesture or two
and, she’ll act all coy
just as he knows. she’ll always do.

The piddle pot is under the bed
happy cat and dog are on it
day is done
they owe nobody nothing
not even the rent
all’s right in their world.

Theirs was a match made in Heaven
and, clearly Heaven sent.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #62