Touch of Evil

A bully is a bully
no matter what their size or age.

He towers over his victim
to threaten and intimidate.
Even in black and white
the colour of fear is the same.

Is he saint or sinner?

He would claim he is just
doing his job
but then, so would
Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot
to name but a few.

Maybe they have that
one streak which would seem
most highly believable
maybe they all have in common
a touch of evil.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Pantry #104
Magpie Tales #123

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

28 thoughts on “Touch of Evil”

  1. I always question whether bullies arrive in this world predisposed to hurt others or are they inadvertently taught through unsuccessful relationships to behave the way they do? I enjoyed the questions your poem explores Bren. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ah yes , the big E, i know i definitely have it in me, but i also have Angels ! . ( and lots of other strange creatures, too ) Thanks DD2

  3. well phooey. i had to sign in and i do not know if my comment was posted. so i will go again.

    bullies are cowards and usually hang in groups for moral support, a pack mentality too.

    it is a sad day in America, with all our privilege, we feel entitled to torture another human being. i’m sure you saw the elderly bus monitor who was brutally bullied by young teens. i am so impressed this woman has received so much money to help her retire. bravo.

    i enjoyed your prose, it was short and powerful. a winning duo. writing like this hold a readers attention. very good job!

  4. bullies are cowards and usually hang in groups for backup. it is a sad day this is epidemic in America. the incident on the bus with the monitor, 67 years old, and these young teenager were brutal.

    excellent subject. …”maybe they all have in common, a touch of evil.”

    i like that this prose is short and powerful. very good job.

  5. Indeed they do, along with a well of insecurity and a healthy dose of self loathing.

    This was great.

  6. Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in the the work place, schools and on social media. Sociopaths are on the increase. They keep pysychologists and lawyers in well remunerated work.

  7. history is full of such bullies… atrocities they have plundered on mankind is gruesome..
    and we look closer we see this evil all around us..
    lovely verses !!!

  8. Yes, the treat that he is able to tower with is evil, just the same. An interesting question, where to draw the line with bullying. The men in power that you mention are just the same as the child on the yard with a perticular advantage.

  9. I’d have to say a sinner, or better yet just a big mean bully…they come in so many different variations too!

  10. Thanks for this well crafted reminder. Yes, they are out there, and I agree with Mary that they are not all children. Have you read about the children who bullied their school bus monitor, who was in her 60’s?

  11. he is just doing his job…there is always an excuse for a bully…its not his fault of course…the way he was raised or something done to him…he did not choose to be a bully….while there are factors, there is also choice..

  12. Touch of evil, indeed…I like how you wove the film title in…nice…

  13. A collection of real evil-doers mentioned in your poem. I suspect that most ‘balanced’ people stop short of being really evil. Perhaps a little bit mischievious…..


  14. I don’t understand what makes them powerful either. Great piece.

  15. Yep no matter the case who the wealth or the state or whatever, they all boil down to the same thing, bullies, who needs em.

  16. Bren, you have named some major bullies in your poem. I do believe each of them has more than a touch of evil. I will add in there Osama Bin Laden. I am sure we all could name many more of their ilk. Your poem is thought-provoking and current. Bullies are NOT only children.

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