A hint of sweet Jasmine carried in the
softest whistle of wind through an open window
as sunset settled across her enchanted domain.

She could relax once again
after more than ample help from her
loyal and loving tiger beast
the scrap of demons were trapped
(for now)
in a magical montage of granite
(in theory)
would hold them forever, unless
the hard-stone was somehow flawed
or, the spell she cast was broken.

Such huge responsibility
being a good fairy queen
and trying to prevent so
many different monsters each night from
invading young children’s dreams.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Another take on beauty and the beast story.

Psst: It’s my @#%^**** @& gazillionth  Birthday today 🙂

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #62

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “Monsters”

  1. belated happy birthday, Bren! { i stopped counting last year. [smile] }

    and a sweet ending to your poem!

  2. PS, Psst, Happy Birthday gazillionth birthday, may you have a gazillion more.

  3. I LOVE this wordl poem, how beautiful, the protection of children’s dreams by a vigilant fairy queen, from monsters and such of nightmares.

  4. An enjoyable read. I like the “magical montage of granite” containing the demons – and then the possibility that the “hard-stone was somehow flawed”. Great tension.


  5. Interesting concept which I’ve not come across, and your words weaved a spell.

  6. I love a fairy who keeps the monsters in check! This is a wonderful tale, and well told! And happy, happy birthday!!

  7. a beautifully written fairy tale for adults….too frightening for little ones! Visuals painted so well with your wordles…

  8. Happy gazillionth Bren! May a gazillion more bless you.
    Excellent use of the words..I love the picture inspiration.

  9. Hey! Happy Birthday, kiddo! Only a gazillion? Just a spring chicken – they dont even have a word to calculate how old I am, hee hee. I love the way you spun this tale……love her loyal tiger!

  10. it is a tough job fending off those monsters….happy birthday bren…i hope you have a wonderful day today filled with love and adoration…or at least no house chores…smiles.

  11. Reminds me of lots of do’s and don’t’s to make sure baby sleeps well. Grandmother talk,yes! Superstitions, yes! But nothing like conforming if it’s not too difficult to comply. Most times it works. Nice write , Bren!


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