Tongue Tied

Google Images

As a young child I used to lithp.
Yes, lithp.

These days no-one would think of it
as a PITA (pain in the ass)

I ‘Googled it’ and it seems
there are even different types
of lithping too
and, I never even knew.

My mum never paid too much
after all, when I was an adult
she would get her own words
all mixed up sometimes too.

One time she said something
was con-fist-ticated
and, I didn’t have a clue
what she was talking about
so asked her to use it in
a sentence.
Turns out the word she was
trying to say was ‘confiscated.’

But, I digress

Sixpence back then was thixpenth
even good old sausages were thauthageth
but because of the different way the
sounds are formed
a ship was still a ship.

In this day and age people sometimes
think a lisp on a child is cute
my step-father on the other hand, didn’t
to get me out of the disgusting habit
he would make me say everything
through clenched tight-together-teeth
but if I slipped up and lithped
in front of him instead of
thinking it cute or fan-tab-ulous
he’d thlap me, repeatedly.

After tho many thlaps
I thoon learned not
to lisp anymore.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

The pictures are examples from Google but shows a new born baby and young child who are tongue tied. There are also different degrees in severity of being tongue tied too.
Apparently, if a new born is seen to be tongue tied, they usually snip the skin which joins the bottom of the tongue and the mouth. mine was never done and maybe it added to why I lisped. Still do at times despite the slaps…LOL
My step-father was a bully and didn’t have a clue when it came to being a good parent.

Shared with dVersepoets Poetics: Logophilia I think I used a few new-ish words in this Anna, hope it meets the prompt 🙂