Maybe even daunting
to a seeker of the truth.
Her eyes will penetrate your
deepest thoughts and you cannot
resist nor hide behind such
constant gaze.

Is she innocence, defined
by purest light…
an ancient Queen so true
but maligned by ‘his’ tory and
the powers that would be in
those olden times.


Oh the stories that they tell
of your wicked Pagan ways


Were you really full of sin?

A woman of such beauty
were you simply following
your own Pagan Goddess

For more than two millennia
‘his’ tory has decried, derirded
your name and,
all across the world you are
called, feminine femme fatale`
from lips that spit out words
of harlots and the fallen.


They say you teased, you taunted
you flaunted your beauty
and your wares.
Were you really unaware such
teasing can lead a heart to beg
for mercy from the spell weaved
within such passion and then
played out so well.

You could easily wound my pride
if I chose to let you in,
I’d worship at your feet like
the cat that got the cream.

I do not believe the tales
that ‘his’ tory has told.
The truth has been forgotten
or so badly misconstrued
but for that,
You must always carry the burden
forevermore defamed, unless
‘her’ story takes another look
at the one who bears such shame
conjoured simply by
your name of


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

They say everything in creation has an equal and exact opposite. If there is a God, why (mostly in the western world) is there little or no talk or belief in a Goddess anymore.

Yin Yang

Maybe because it was wiped out of ‘his’ tory as it was being written.

I think we all have a Goddess as well as a God residing within us. Maybe it’s time we women took a good look at ourselves, opened our eyes and saw our true worth, our value to this Earth, and took our rightful place as equals alongside them in this overtly male dominated and governed world.

Maybe if the Goddess’s came back as a peaceful, but powerful force to be reckoned with, we might all begin to learn to live in what should be a natural balance of love, peace and harmony once more.

Maybe it’s time we stood up again and shouted even louder in the light of these dark days



I for one, will still NOT be burning my bra

~  ~

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

15 thoughts on “Jezebel”

  1. bras are too expensive to burn these days! {giggle} wonderful poem and more power to women and the Goddess within!

  2. By the time you finish calling out her name, your herstorical questions have all ready shaken history. I embrace this Jezebel in addition to the tease I have held in all these years.

  3. You chose a very interesting and contraversial character to highlight. I agree that we women should become more comfortable with our inner goddess.

  4. i think in many ways its all in what the culture of the time deigns as evil…in todays world she may have got barely a notice…his story is written by the victors…i for one relish woman being alongside man, not in front or behind…neither should be…like your energy in this…and i have no problem withthe thought of a gender-full god

  5. Bren, we were talking about Jezebel in Bible study and my husband the pastor said, “Jezebel got a bad rap. Her name is synonymous with just about every bitchy thing in the world. Just as Mary Magdalene was called a whore and a manic and other things, Jezebel was not the She-Demon. She was every one of us, acting on our human impulses.”

    SEe why I love him? And the United Church of Christ, open and affirming of all, including berated bitches??

    I believe that God the Creator is beyond gender, but because we feel we must assign genders, then I’d pick male AND female. Remember, in the Bible, God and Wisdom created the world together. I also see the Holy Spirit as more female, because of the nature of that entity – being everywhere at once, bathing, comforting. I know plenty of men who fit this description, but when people call God “He” that’s when I insist on a She in the ‘trinity’ (which I do not believe in, the “three in one”).

    This is a haunting, thoughtful, and honest assessment of Jezebel and I thank you for it. Will forward link to my hub. Love to you, Amy

  6. I grew up in super conservative Christian-ism and can definitely relate to how jezebel was demonized. Now that I am no longer a super conservative Christian it is interesting to look at her from a completely different perspective.

  7. Hmm I didn’t hear a roar, maybe you need to roar a bit…yeah any seem to forget the other side as they go one about God and such, funny how that works.

  8. I am roaring with you, Bren, never having learned much about Jezebel. I think there are a lot of questionable ‘facts’ in history.

  9. Funny how the his torians go on and on about wicked women, as if they were wicked all by their lonesome!

    A lot of what’s in the bible is there to discredit Goddess religions. It’s an agenda put there by men. I honestly don’t see how any woman can stand it, the whole book is so blatantly sexist.

  10. This is really an interesting connotation on ‘his’ tory. It makes me think of what is constant and cosmic, already in motion, not needing to be changed. I like the feeling of ‘following the Goddess within’, especially in the Pagan way. This was delicious!

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