It’s Only Words

Sometimes we wonder
is there anybody there
but, sometimes it doesn’t truly matter
because words fly across a
vaccant page
hop, skip, dance or run
as fluidic as a river flows
in one shape or another
from a mind filled
with a single subject which
covers them all


…of LOVE

I write

Of heart’s that ache
and wounds which take
forever to heal in love’s own
mortal version of eternity

Of agonies and agonising

how a heart can break

Yet how it can also make such
sweet, sweet music as it beats
like a drum to the heady, steady
rhythm within loves

A voice


Moving me to smile
as I hear a tenderness
that falls into the
soft place of my heart
like the petals of a rose
caress a lovers cheek
from first pale
to blushing

I too bloom
in a swirl of
loving words which fly

Caught on the fragrance of
blossoms still out there

I thank God
for the gifts He freely gave

for I know souls which
live their love


and that is where our words
and our truest beauty


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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