M C Escher Puddle

© M C Escher, puddle 1952

Puddles at my feet
stir ripples in my heart
liquid drops of thought
swell the droplets in my eyes
trickling out to greet
those falling from the skies.

Footstep follows footstep
in opposite direction
never destined to unite
tyre tracks go forth
back from whence they came

love can leave a stain
like rainbows blend in
broken puddles.
New footsteps will disperse
pieces of a heart
and time cannot stand still
for moonlit puddles of reflection.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

Shared with Magpie Tales #122 Art of M C Escher
Poets United Pantry #103

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

31 thoughts on “M C Escher Puddle”

  1. I love this heartfelt reflection. There is a place for what is lost, maybe it lives inside of these puddles. That way, others may see and hopefully, carry on.

  2. …never destined to unite. I visited a Civil War battleground recently, and I was very aware of treading on the past….. Nice write.

  3. The moon light puddle of reflection” This was lovely and honest. Thank you for a well done read.

  4. Indeed sometimes one can be thankful for rain, which mixes with one’s tears to form puddles which lead somewhere or water the earth!

  5. I actually noticed the tracts going off in different directions ~ Too bad it can’t be united ~ Enjoyed your perspective ~

    Cheers ~

  6. the picture and the lines also blend beautifully to create a sense of love loss and longing.beautiful lyrical piece.

  7. love can leave a stain like rainbows in puddles…that is very cool bren…the footsteps heading in opposite directions, nice pick up on that too…nice double play on reflection as well…

  8. I also noticed the footprints going in opposite directions.. Did they pause to greet one another?

    I like the way you turn this into a metaphoric interpretation.

  9. When love turns sour we tend to take walks in the rain – maybe so that no one will see our tears. Beautifully captured

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