He looks to the sea
recalling some of his recent history.

Having lost at the Battle of Leipzig
the little Corsican scurried back
to France
having no army behind him
had no choice but to abdicate
and, for his troubles was sent
into exile.

Permitted to rule the small
Mediterranean island of Elba
still being called Emperor
Bonaparte created another small army
and, after hearing rumors
of his forthcoming banishment to
another even more remote island
he promptly escaped.

Back in his beloved France
he raised yet another army
over 200,000 strong
against the sixth coalition
was vastly outnumbered.
His Waterloo had come.

Beaten again, he surrendered.
But to prevent his escaping this time
was sent to St. Helena
and with no possible means of escape
resigned to his fate
wrote his memoirs.

Some say he died from stomach cancer
others, that he was poisoned

Maybe we will never know
but we’ll never forget the name of
Napoleon Bonaparte.


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Napoleon Bonaparte

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