Dreams and Nightmares

The mocking bird enters your sleep
its call somehow

You’re lost again
(always lost)
so many paths to choose
but no-one to ask the way
because no-one speaks your language
they look at you like you’re strange.

Everything looks familiar
but, isn’t.

Panicked, because you’re scared
you scream
Shout for help
but no-one hears
because you’re trapped
inside the dream


are you awake?

You cannot run and hide
because you’re lost
and, chaos has its chaotic way
with you.
The dream is your sleeping reality
or, is it really true?

Along those pathways inside your mind
lurk the beasts
(the dreadful, abstract kind)
and still you scream in silence
amid chaotic thought

are you awake or is it a dream
and if it’s real life
why is chaos supreme.

You have to escape
force yourself awake
you toss and you turn
and somehow climb back up
from those dark depths of slumber
with tears, you’ve survived
you open your eyes
but are still left to wonder

why does it still seem so real.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

I used to have really very bad nightmares/night terrors. Some that left me with tears running down my cheeks, really sobbing and even though I’d woken up, it would take me sometimes days to shake off and forget the dreadful fear of being stuck in them.
(I thank God, I don’t have them anywhere near as bad anymore)

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