The Path of Least Resistance

Water gurgles
laps its ancient dance
of life, giving life
around stones which
also love this intimacy
of play.

I can see clearly now that
ultimately it’s all about balance.

Denying the negative from taking up
permanent residence
and a reconciliation between
heart and mind
bringing order from chaos.

Healing comes in accolades
of hope and promise
on the path of least resistance
as the spirit, mind and body
align once more
reaching harmony.


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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

36 thoughts on “The Path of Least Resistance”

  1. Deep and spiritual- applying the imagery of the running water against the stepping stones so gracefully, but acknowledging the balance needed in order for this to happen. ‘balance’…..everything needs balance….very nicely expressed poem!

  2. Words and image both so meditative, Bren!


    “Denying the negative from taking up
    permanent residence
    and a reconciliation between
    heart and mind
    bringing order from chaos.”

    Should become my mantra!

    Well done!

  3. Our two primary needs for survival. . .air and water. We are the stones, worn smooth in storms. Conflicts.

  4. Often times we are the ones being resistant. I find it a real struggle to be as calm as those rocks in water or to be as accommodating as the water to the rocks at times. Love the picture and the poem. 🙂

  5. Very nicely done. I really like the movement, especially in the first stanza, and how just off that stanza you bring up balance, and I instantly made the connection to the level tool, which uses liquid, which, when you find balance, the water is still. Very cool. Thanks

  6. Denying the negative from taking up
    permanent residence…i think that’s a key point you touch here bren..beautifully penned..

  7. I love the spirituality in this, yet it is down to earth and wise. When we’re out of balance chaos does have a window to come in and disrupt. Enjoyed reading this lovely poem.

  8. for the past year, i have been at odds with the order from chaos stuff… until at last, i embraced it. what a lovely, meditative write!

  9. I’ve fairly recently entered a period of life informed my mindfulness. I try to live for that moment, not looking behind at the ripples I’ve made, or even those made by other around me. I’m like one of those stones, along life to touch me yet pass quietly around me.

    Lovely piece, Bren! One to which I believe I relate. 🙂

    ~ j

  10. “I can see clearly now that ultimately it’s all about balance.” This line was worthy of singling out, it’s so true.

  11. Balance indeed is the way to attain a relative peace in relationship to so much that occurs in the world. Water is a great metaphor for this too, and the way you reflect on the way it brings balance is vivid. I wonder, however, whether sometimes that path of resistance in not necessary, especially in the face of injustice. Be that as it may, this set me to thinking, as you can tell! 🙂

  12. The most difficult path to take – I’ve been reading about the importance of vulnerability in authentic living and this brought me another layer of clarity. Thank you, your poetry is a gift.

  13. Beautiful write–so clear–For me, the line that speaks loudest–

    Denying the negative from taking up
    permanent residence

    or at least it speaks loudest to me today—

  14. your thoughts are very zen today…love the contemplation of water as i think there is much wisdom there…and it is about balance…and knowing what to bind…and what to release…

  15. harmony and balance — that would be nice — I am so out of whack now…water must be the answer…beach, lake…yes, that would be a cure…

  16. “as the spirit, mind and body
    align once more reaching harmony”

    .A oneness of purpose brilliantly expressed, Bren! Great write!


  17. balance – yes that’s what it’s all about and I thought it was doing the “Hokey-Pokey”…sorry couldn’t resist a little jest…I like the way your words flow and they truly do have a balance when you write…

  18. I so love this poem – and philosophy. All about balance. And so wise, that you know the path of least resistance is the alignment of spirit, mind and body. Love the image too.

  19. Balance is definitely the key! We have to find a way to maintain it in our lives… Harmony is so important.

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