The Artist

© Jean-François de Le Motte Still Life

In love’s first fresh bloom
her letters were fragrant
from her favourite perfume

sealed with wax against
prying eyes, lest they
read of her deepest desire.

She was Helen to his
ardent Paris
long after she’d ended
their illicit affair
he cannot let her go.

He paints her in cameo
along with lists and
book of Troy they once shared
with hurried scribbles
on paper scraps she then sent
but they are all things that matter
because it’s still life and
this, he treats as
his altar.

He paints it all upon canvas
until satisfied
her words are now immortal.


©  Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Shared with Magpie Tales #121

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

35 thoughts on “The Artist”

  1. I love your sensual description of how the art came to be painted. Your interpretation seems so lovingly and creatively composed. Thank you for sharing, Bren,

  2. i am so in love with this ultra romantic poem, and it would really fill my romantic notions to have someone feel this way about me – and alter
    to our love – ahhhh. fine poem, beauty.

  3. I don’t much like the idea of making an altar to someone..especially an ex someone…obsessive..which he was. You played out the story beautifully.

  4. A lot of fun – I don’t mean the subject matter- the lovers are suffering – but you are having fun with it as are we. k.

  5. i like how you really looked at the picture and combined the elements into your work…x

  6. You give the cameo head in the original, complete image, a special significance here. Thanks to Christopher, you can see that ,ahref=””> HERE

  7. Excellent…love the immortality of words. Love and obsession….there’s definitely a fine line.. Gorgeous write!

  8. Swoon, this was beautiful! I love the imagery you guided us with the elements of love. I love the intimacy you shared! Wonderful~

  9. This reminds me how strong the pull of true romantic love. Illicit sometimes even stronger than “legal” affairs.

    Was it Helen of Troy? Something grand and amazing, this relationship. Cesar and Josephine? Do the latter go together? Bet I mixed them up. Wait — it was Cleopatra, right? One I DO know — Wallis Simpson and The King!


  10. His altar…that makes me feel as though things have changed and yet he is still holding on…as is often the case…love the smell of love letters…smiles….

  11. What a lovely interpretation of the image – I like the letters scented with perfume. And his fixing of her words upon the canvas of his painting.

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