The Tree of Life

Sometimes bogged down in the mire
caught among the roots
we dwell in that chill of dark
content that this is what it is
to live our preordained destiny.

But our fate is ours by birth-right

If we own nothing at all
we do own the choices we make.

The tree of life stands tall
but what dreams may come if we
choose to climb.

I refuse to live amid those
cold dark roots
by hook or by crook I’m climbing its
trunk, all of its limbs and
cut, bruised or bleeding, will
scramble my way to the top
Nothing will keep me
from seeing the stars.

We sometimes disappoint daily
fail to do what’s right
the Creator never has nor, does.

We’re given brand new days for each
of us to try again.
We can choose to make the
same mistakes and remain
exactly where we are in place
but, that is not for me
I’ll be busy climbing
that tree of life
(if we love it)
what choice do we have
but to follow where it leads.


© Daydreamertoo                 *All rights reserved

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