Don’t Forget to Remember


To and fro
to and fro
to and fro

head nods
but not in time

She rocks

She remembers her first love
her first kiss
the way her heart skipped beats

So long ago
so long ago
it seems like yesterday.

Yesterday when she was young
and, so full of joy and promise.

What now?
What now?

Today she mustn’t forget
what she needs to remember

and yet
and yet

She already has.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I watched the movie The Iron Lady recently about Baroness Margaret Thatcher and was saddened to see the effects of this illness on this once powerful leader of her party and, prime minister of the UK.
Dementia, or Alzheimer’s is such a difficult illness to come to terms and have to cope with, not just for the person affected but for everyone involved. Family and friends.  It must be so hard to watch the person you love so much, mentally deteriorate so that they become like young children and towards the end dependent on others for everything.

Shared with With Real Toads  A deeply moving prompt this week from ….A Word with Laurie: Dementia