Other Worlds

Hope she was wearing her blue jeans
when Venus was in transit across Sol’s long gaze.

Floating outside the noise I cannot see
everything is energy.

Flashes come and go
in sparks of
giving life


The vacuum which breathes
sucks in all matter of
any substance into its dark.

At the atomic level
where nothing exists
…yet does
a voice says
Trust me’
(without speaking)
and that message carries
on cosmic waves
from the past
to the present and into
what has yet to be.


© Daydreamertoo             *All rights reserved

I wanted this to be a bit ‘out there’

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

30 thoughts on “Other Worlds”

  1. I love the unspoken voice that says “trust me” and the cosmic wave that carries it from the past..to the present and on.. Very cool.

  2. Definitely out there – topical, too of course, with the transit of venus. I have a feeling I’m better off remaining ignorant of some of this other world science!

  3. I love the floaty feel of your words and the voice in the cosmic energy~
    Beautifully Done!

  4. Very cool. Love the myth you infused very early here, and the atmosphere is built up perfectly here. Lots of great lines as well. Thanks, really liked this a lot.

  5. Flahses come and go … did not realize how close we are … or at least my daughter’s ashes and you and I … Pictou Island is not too far from PEI, if you stil live there, Bren … Love you, always, cat.

  6. “a voice says
    ‘Trust me’
    (without speaking)”

    and in the macrocosm –no, atomic level (?) “the voice” works, while on the micro level–in the unit of one individual (Venus) in the face of Sol “Hope she was wearing her blue jeans.” I sense the humor from the beginning become awe by the end. Nice.

  7. The message that comes from the cosmic spaces is so important to hear and be graced with. I love the way you use the recent transit of Venus to show where this universe fits into a higher unity and awareness. I think the alien brings that out, since it pulls us out of our everyday reality and into a confrontation with what does not agree with that reality. And from that confrontation comes greater awareness, i believe, of who we are as human beings. Thank you for bringing this in in response to the prompt today.

  8. It is indeed ‘out there.’ I have a hard time doing ‘out there,’ so unfortunately I will be passing on this prompt. I am just too grounded in the real.

  9. “at the atomic level where nothing exists…yet does….a voice says ‘Trust me”………” I have heeded that voice. It never leads you wrong. I love the philosophy behind this poem. Beautifully worded.

  10. Love this:
    “Floating outside the noise I cannot see
    everything is energy”

  11. Love the ending in the last stanza… trust will lead to all things that will ever be. And I guess in some ways, we need to trust that all will unfold as it should.

  12. “At the atomic level
    where nothing exists…yet does
    a voice says ‘Trust me’ ”

    You gave life to the event, Bren! An event not to be witnessed again for more than a century from now. You’ve done very well to record it for posterity.

  13. nice…love the metaphysical feel to the closure…the trust me that ripples through out all time…hope in blue jeans…smiles…i like that too….i like the imagery as well bren…nicely done…

  14. You rocked this prompt, you seem to be on a poetic roll lately. Good for you.

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