Seeing beyond the visual

The sky breathes
unseen waves blow warmth
setting sap free to flow
through veins
each individual cell connected
to the whole.

The tree of life grows
instinctively pure.

Leaves relate their stories
to fresh, new blossoms
on the bough
pink, lush and lovely.

Each petal holds secrets
of the universe

and she,

she sees it all through
the fire in her eyes
as she too, unfolds in the
glow of the sun.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

29 thoughts on “Seeing beyond the visual”

  1. Your writing is so beautiful and peaceful , I Honestly enjoy every word of it. period

  2. What a beautiful poem. I love the way you moved from sky to trees to leaves to universe and then back to sun. Fantastic read. And the photo is very cool as well. Thanks

  3. Every morning I can feel the currents of the air, the sun’s vital breath, and every evening I can feel the evening’s hush, the moon’s quiet strength.

    Beautiful poem.

  4. oh, just lovely! and i love the deep truth in both of the two-line stanzas, each one could be a poem on its own.

  5. Beautiful poem! Light and flowing, matched the lovely picture as well. I liked the rhythm and soft rhyme within the poem, the images of the words too.

  6. Wonderful…love these lines…she sees it all through
    the fire in her eyes
    as she too, unfolds in the
    glow of the sun.

  7. Who is she? – This mysterious woman with fire in her eyes. My favorite lines “Leaves relate their stories, to fresh, new blossoms, on the bough” I can almost see them talking with little movements of wind. Great job.

  8. So beautiful…….I love “each petal holds secrets of the universe”. Over here, it is still gray skies and coolness. Sigh. Waiting for the sun myself, ready to roll in its beams like a cat – if it ever comes.

  9. delicious bren…so many great lines…the tree of life growing on instinctively pure…each petal holding secrets of the universe and then relating that back to her in the end….nice…

  10. Ohhhhh. This is just beautiful. Especially love:
    “as she too, unfolds in the
    glow of the sun.”

    I watch the sunrise every morning, as I write. This will stick with me, this morning. Gorgeous.

  11. Life blooms all around and it can always be found, just have to look, too bad I can’t lay out in the sun all day though.

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