Forbidden Fruit

Image © Klaus Enrique Gerdes

An apple wasn’t the only fruit he used

Garnished with everything edible
he could possibly find
even using sweet scented flowers
to further lure and to entice

He peeked out from behind
those black soul-less eyes
mouth hidden
but the devil couldn’t help
so aware that everything
about him was saying

‘Bite me’


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

I wanted this to be deeper than just about fruit. Despite it being fruit the pic seems somehow darker than that  (to me)

Shared with Magpie Tales #120 image by Klaus Enrique Gerdes


Sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci


A sudden streak of lightening
burst through the open wood shutters
of his studio
its flash hit the sculpture square on
quickly followed by a loud crash of thunder.
The surprise caused the elderly man
to miss-strike with the hammer and chisel.

He saw it pierce and split his skin
and knew there would also be a bruise
come morning.

Too on edge to sculpt anymore
but the night was still yet young
his old bones groaned at the crouch
as he picked up then shook a layer of dust from
pieces of parchment which lay in a crumple
on the cold stone floor
and, without missing a beat
of wasted time
Leonardo lit more candles
and ‘neath their flickering glow
proceeded instead
to draw.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

As soon as I saw the Sunday Whirl words, I knew I wanted to find an artist but because of the word chisel, someone who also did sculpture too. Who better than Leonardo da Vinci. A remarkable genius with so very many talents.   Leonardo da Vinci

Shared with Poets United Pantry #101
The Sunday Whirl #59  12 random words. Make a poem with them.  This is a lot of fun each week. If you haven’t ever paticipated, please join in.