It isn’t work at all
if you love what you do.

Apart from words
gadgets are my thing
I love taking them apart
putting them back together again
and hopefully still,
they sing.

They call the board a mother
because (I suppose) she does
all the work, knows everything
and nothing is possible
without her being in attendance.

It needs cards for this and
cards for that and cards to
make it reach out and touch
the world.

Some have been so addicted
they’ve left here close to tears
because they had to leave it behind
and would miss their Bingo or
other games they play.

Some addicted to sex
(Rolls eyes)
Hard drive so full of adult porn
no wonder it caught all the
social diseases going and hence
couldn’t perform.

Some freak at the sight of
the blue screen of death
(used to freak me out too)

Some are dead as door nails
I get such a kick out of
raising them from the grave
then, seeing the big cheesy grin
on the faces as I hand them
their baby all back up and
running again.

Sometimes I’ve spent all
night long on a conundrum
trying to solve a problem
of how or what or why
and when I do
I could jump for joy at
the beating of the puzzle.

it isn’t work at all
when you love what  it is that you do.


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My computer knowledge is all self taught.
A few years ago, as a challenge to myself, I bought an empty computer casing, bought all the parts I needed and built my own computer from that empty box.
With nearly everyone wanting access to information on the go, soon (I think) desktop computers will be history, laptops, tablets and cell phones are taking over and I’m now getting more and more into wanting to work with laptops. I can replace hardware, hard drive, ram, DVD/CD drives and such, but, want to learn a whole lot more about their internal workings.
I find it all absolutely fascinating.

Once I had a computer belonging to a friend’s 17 y/o grandson.  He’d put a dreadful porn picture as his desktop wallpaper but his comp was filled with so many different bad viruses so, I couldn’t remove the picture at all because the machine wouldn’t let me do too much with it and he didn’t want it formatted. Each time Chloe (then aged about 11) walked by, I had to cover it with the largest book I had so that she wouldn’t see the screen. After working on it for a few hours and hiding the screen dozens of times, she herself realised I was hiding it because it was porn.   I finally got rid of a lot of the viruses and then was able to delete the picture.
Boys will be boys….lol His comp was always breaking down.  LOL

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Computers”

  1. So true. Who was it who said “Do what you love. The money will follow.”??I’m still waiting for the money to come along like a lost stray pup…but the “work” can be a blast. 😉

  2. Hard drive so full of adult porn
    no wonder it caught all the
    social diseases going and hence
    couldn’t perform.

    Priceless! One great guffaw – thanks for. Great, great poem over all.

  3. You did all that! That’s Wonderful Bren! I would get all mixed up with all the wiring and what have you in there! Great write!


  4. Don’t know much about the workings of a computer. Think it’s kool you do. I bet it is fun putting something back together, whether it e technotics (new word) or lives. Great write.

  5. this is fabulous… i love the listing of the types of people, the humans relating to their machines, the mother in board…
    and what a great skill to have!

  6. This is very cool. Computers are widely used but most don’t know much about what goes on under the hood much less how to fix one go wrong. I like the way you approached your work, there’s obvious satisfaction and pride, and yes, when you love what you do, it isn’t work, it’s living meaningfully. I enjoyed the insights you shared here too. 🙂

  7. I never would have guessed this of you, Bren!!! So cool to learn this! If you were near me you’d be my best friend! I love friends who’re handy with the gadgets it’s a highly valuable skill in my book. Beyond all of this you’ve written about it in such a fun and revealing way…almost makes me want to learn the tricks of the trade!! 🙂

  8. This was great, I guess we can all be a lot like that mother board. Sometimes in work and life what would some of them do without a mother.

  9. Wow, you managed to make computers emotional and that takes some doing. The humanity you bought to the machines and in your approach to your work on them was lovely. If you’ve looked around my blog you’ll understand that your words about the mother ‘nothing is possible without her being in attendance’ tugged right at my heart, and then the porn, excellent references about how they can’t perform…. And finally, handing back their babies, loved that. I am still grieving over the recent loss of a laptop, and I would have lit up too if anyone could have saved her… We’d shared so much together after all… Bravo, great write.

  10. That is a great skill to have, mine forced me to learn a bit as the damn thing kept breaking, so heat thingy, as for Porn, hahahaha the cat is over that.

  11. I had to laugh at the social diseases… loved this. You are very smart.

  12. How gorgeous, the poem and the story about your daughter. I live with computer people, so am very fond and awed by all of you.

    Love the mother line.

  13. This is really cool and exudes a lovely sense of pleasure in work, which I understand completely. I also get the delight in pulling gadgets apart and putting them back together again, since I’ve experienced some of that in my life. Loved the following lines (rolls eyes :):

    Some addicted to sex
    (Rolls eyes)
    Hard drive so full of adult porn
    no wonder it caught all the
    social diseases going and hence
    couldn’t perform.

  14. This is so amazing- and great to learn something about you! My god- the porn on the hard drive….ha ha….love how you equate the computers to people….we kind of ARE computers I suppose….we have our hard drives…we get our viruses….some of us can run quickly, some of us run slowly when we get old …..this was on one side playful , but on the other, actually very thought provoking! Thank you! This was a great take on the prompt

  15. So true that it isn’t work if you enjoy what you do! Pretty cool that you can fix computers as you do. That’s a valuable skill, and I imagine it is very much in demand. (I’ve hated it the rare times I’ve had to leave my ‘baby’ in the shop.) Interesting story about the 17-year-old! YIKES about that picture.

  16. I loved your poem, such truth in it… but I laughed out loud at your story afterward! I hope your friend’s grandson changed his wallpaper after that!

  17. nice on the computer repairs and i can imagine what kind of weird things you find on some computers…a bit like getting a very deep and intimate glimpse in someone’s life…and yeah..if you love what you do, you don’t think about it as work.. great poem bren

  18. oh my…wow did not know you had this skill…that is very cool…wish i did went through 2 crashes this last year…pretty funny on the mother board monicker but holds true you know…i hate viruses too so i will stay clean…smiles…

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