Of Gods and men

(whoever they are)
say we live at least four or five
different lives
on this beautiful planet.

Each time we come back
we return to enable our souls
to repair our prior mistakes
Our sins, our damage to others
which is why we sometimes
go through Deja Vu

We come back to reach a higher level
of spirituality in order
for us to eventually return
to the Prime Creator

back to the
‘I am’
of which we are all
one small part.

When Gods and men lived
side by side
I guess we knew their source
The fountain of all knowledge
and we wanted a share in it too
to understand the magic
they could do


I always knew I’ve loved you before
another time, another place
for I recognised your soul.

Soul mates see through the mist


The ache is soothed
with time’s healing balm
through all the setting suns
there is new love to
discover too which
awaits the lucky ones

So if it’s you

Choose again


choose well.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

35 thoughts on “Of Gods and men”

  1. i really adore the title! and i believe i have been fortunate enough to recognize a few souls along the way. a wonderful write!

  2. to return is a very good thing. we all need a second a third chance. Deja Vu is my proof, unexplained feelings and a sense of places and things I have not come in contact with in this life.

  3. such interesting concepts here- reincarnation…questions about god…about dejavu and recognising lost loves…id love to think that in our next lives we find again our soulmates- i seriously hope we do…

  4. I think there’s comfort in reincarnation. More mercy than one chance go-through and judgement for either heaven or hell. The ending makes me a little nervous though — choosing well. 🙂

  5. How nice, Bren! All the good souls back and forth each time repairing for good. And to think that hints of deja vu could have been realized but difficult to place. Great thoughts Ma’am!


  6. “I always knew I’ve loved you before
    another time, another place
    for I recognised your soul.”

    A beautiful description of Deja Vu
    Interesting and appealing poem

  7. Interesting to think about, Bren. Sounds like you believe in reincarnation. I would like to think that people who are close in this lifetime may perhaps have another lifetime to be close……but basically I believe that people will see one another in the afterlife rather than another earthly life. That is my hope.

  8. love is in the air this week 🙂 this is lovely, and so filled with hope. the possibility that love lives on and can be rediscovered… and i love the ending lines!

  9. This is very cool, a bit mythological, a bit theological, painted with a love transcending idea. Everything came together fantastically. There was a movie I saw that had the idea of two lovers meeting again and again in different lives, in different bodies, but they always seemed to come together. Can’t remember the title though. Greatly enjoyed this. Thanks

    1. i agree with Fred. you are creating your own reincarnation myth here, in the text of some new religion

  10. This was beautiful and lovely. Souls mates is a wonderful thing to have. It feels sometimes like you have certainly know each other. delightful write

  11. Oh, the talk of deja vu is super interesting to me, Bren, I wonder if it happens in those moments when we’re faced with the chance for a new decision in the same scenario that we’re re-living. Very thoughtful poem, I can tell if we sat to chat it would be GREAT discussions!! Smiles to you!

  12. Beautiful – the longing and the realization of finding that love. Captured so well, even if it took multiple times around to find. Just gorgeous, this is.

  13. Love the idea of going back and righting the mistakes…maybe, maybe not but that is what makes our life now so precious, we only get one shot of it ~ So we make the best of it ~

  14. I would be happy with just one second chance to straighten out a thing or two.
    Would you go back to Brighton and then to where you are now or do you want to be surprised? More importanty: will we remeber the notes? I’m thinking Mozart here.

  15. love the idea of coming back…getting another opportunity and healing..another chance..life is def. divided in many waves and not a smooth surface mostly..

  16. Yeah interesting indeed, be fun to come back and such, only if I could remember though, if not one go around is enough, mistakes or not.

  17. Oh I so resonate with your philosophy. I love the line “soul mates see through the mist…clearly. And recognizing The Other. Beautiful.

  18. I agree with Brian. Particularly liked: “Gods and men lived
    side by side” and “I recognised your soul.” In these places, I even wanted to know more.

  19. smiles…it is an interesting thought to come back you know…to get another chance…i like that thought of those connected finding each other again…throguh the mist, clearly…smiles…cool piece bren…

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