Of Gods and men

(whoever they are)
say we live at least four or five
different lives
on this beautiful planet.

Each time we come back
we return to enable our souls
to repair our prior mistakes
Our sins, our damage to others
which is why we sometimes
go through Deja Vu

We come back to reach a higher level
of spirituality in order
for us to eventually return
to the Prime Creator

back to the
‘I am’
of which we are all
one small part.

When Gods and men lived
side by side
I guess we knew their source
The fountain of all knowledge
and we wanted a share in it too
to understand the magic
they could do


I always knew I’ve loved you before
another time, another place
for I recognised your soul.

Soul mates see through the mist


The ache is soothed
with time’s healing balm
through all the setting suns
there is new love to
discover too which
awaits the lucky ones

So if it’s you

Choose again


choose well.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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