Live Your Dreams

Life is
the long and winding road.

Sands of time
ever moving
shift once again
offering new direction.

Untied hair blows with
the winds of change.
Just the slightest breeze
but enough to tease those
tresses from their
sleepless rest.

She vowed a thousand kisses deep
to keep passion’s flow alive within
the core of her being
in the living stream.

A hand reaches
to brush a cheek
with love.

Smiles cover the sting with a
soothing balm of unspoken knowing.

A sea of sky
stretched arms out wide
before my eyes
as if Heaven’s awake to my needs
there is no sacrifice to
high a price for love

if you want to be a hero
you have to live your dreams.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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