Separate Lives

Image © Edward Hopper House At Dusk

Sun slinks low to the horizon
giving leave for darker shades
of dusk to arrive.

Trees rustle their conversations
with all manner of inhabitants
muted, to suit the dying of light.

The steps take us up into
another world.
One where,
we may not wish to go in
the dead of night
but, the street lamp
offers a quiet glow of courage.

Light plays across cold-stone walls
of the old house
softening their intimidating depth.

If walls could talk
what would they say about those
hearts they’ve known?

For all its rooms the house
is empty
save a woman, who waits.

Maybe she has always been
isolated in that one room
looking at its four walls but peeking
at the world outside every now and then

just as we all tend to live in our separate boxes
leading our own separate lives.


© Daydreamertoo *all rights reserved

*I wanted this to be a bit on the dark side because the painting seems somewhat dark and lonely too.

Shared with Magpie Tales #119 Edward Hopper House at Dusk Painting.


Always a free thinking spirit
trapped within a nacre cocoon of
out-dated, austere rules
she had no choice but to obey
but, longed for more than the old wives tales
burnished into her memory.

Barnacles covered everything. Eventually
leaving all surfaces, brittle, flinty and
prone to easily cut into the softest
of soft flesh.

Suddenly the water was churning
as if there were a storm approaching.

It had been rough many times before
but this, somehow was different.

She felt a sharp scrape along her lips
tongue, chalk dry now from fear
as light came flooding in.

It was all a blur as she was
lifted high then
dipped back into the water
Naked now
completely drenched


the little pearl
was born.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*I was going to write about a mermaid but then thought it might be a little quirky to write what a pearl’s thoughts might be.  lol

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #58