Roll up Roll up

We came for all the rides.
Not much money in our pockets
but it was all so much cheaper
back then too.
A couple of quid (pounds)
got us plenty of those and
maybe some candy floss too.

There were boat swings
and chair planes
ghost trains to ride
a Ferris wheel to sit atop
(and get stuck when it broke down)
if you felt so inclined.

The bumper cars were fun
I was fourteen and so sure I could drive
right into the front, back and sides
of anyone in the way.

The switchback, the waltzer, I hated those
the carousel was a bore but the side stalls
excited, especially the guns.
Oh, how I loved to shoot those pellet guns
at the little metal men, knock them all down
win another free go and off I’d go again.
Even with their sights all bent
(just to make it harder to win)
somehow, I always won.
Don’t think they liked me much
but then, I walked away with a big fluffy
teddy bear so, I didn’t care.

Used to feel so sorry for the goldfish
tied up in plastic bags, no air to breath
nowhere to move, hung up in heat all day.

The darts, the hoops, the plastic ducks
all waiting to be hooked.

The noise, the music, the screams
the joy all carried on the air.

The smell of hot dogs and fried onions
burgers, fish and chips
along with
pink and white candy floss on sticks
and toffee apples
upon which to break our teeth.

The rain that came and never left
’till every step we took was mud
and we’d end up caked in it all
covered in the stuff
swearing we’d never come back
and yet
there we were as soon as the fair
showed up in town once more.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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