You Know

Another day
Another dream
nothing is ever
as it seems.

A rain of light
sweeps across the desert
of my heart
quenching each thirst
of my desire in
life’s endless mirage.

Love wears no chains

It’s ancient
Timeless and free.

Souls seeking safe harbour
nestle inside a total eclipse

Alone with destiny
ignoring the last requiem

Clouds part

Light appears


The tree of knowledge
grows and shares

Change is everything.
Everything we touch
is itself
forever changed.

Deep down you know

you just, know.

We are all part of life’s cycle

Real love last’s forever
and the circle
cannot be broken.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Shared with dVersePoets Meeting the Bar: Stream-of-Conscousness Writing

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

30 thoughts on “You Know”

  1. I love this poem… and yes, love wears no chains, what a fabulous line! This was a perfect response to the prompt, flowing down the page beautifully!

  2. Great to see inside your subconscious – so clearly laid out out by the questions you are asking yourself….love the imagery- the eclipse- and also really like the sentiment- real love lasts forever….sure does

  3. Life is a cycle and we all apart of it, but in some sense I am sure that all of this. Will come to an end. There’s a bigger plan in the works for all mankind.
    If I didn’t have my faith I’d be more loss. All I got in this life is my faith and hopefully I’ll be blessed with a love that’s honest and true. We all deserve that.

  4. Love is constantly changing and moving. The words we feel about it can hardly be nailed to the page before the feelings transform. Your consciousness willed the words into a poem of meaning, passion and determination here.

  5. Hi thanks for the reply to my question. I have been struggling with it, I did let the person go. When I was doing good in my new life, the past came back and took my peaceful demeanor with it. She came back to rattle me and I’ve been trying almost everything to not fall back into a relationship that’s not right. So I’ll have to start over & create boundaries & stop all communication. Thank you for the advice. 🙂 much appreciated.

  6. Everything we touch is changed – yes, great line! Lots of positive feelings in this poem. Clouds part, light appears–lovely.

  7. Really nice job, very focused, which is something I can never seem to do when doing the stream thing, I wish I could, this is a great example of what could come out of stream writing when refined and focused. Great write. Thanks

  8. I am not sure about real love cannot be broken. I am still struggling with that part, if real love that was once good ever change. If distance of the heart can ever bring back that person your hearts aching for. Can it be undone to love someone forever without being with them.

  9. A rain of light
    sweeps across the desert
    of my heart
    quenching each thirst
    of my desire in
    life’s endless mirage.

    Yes, we often are yearning for the ultimate to satisfy ourselves. Many seldom find satisfaction. Great thoughts Ma’am!


  10. Beautiful sentiments, lovingly played out. I like to daydream too, I just wish I could get them to be as nice as yours 😛 I also liked the airy feel of the poem.

  11. A wonderful contemplation, Bren. I love that change is everything and everything we touch is forever changed. We have a lot of responsibility to touch gently then, don’t we?

  12. Yeah another day comes to pass and more is found by my little rhyming umm bum. Love is forever if you find the right one, trick is finding the right one..haha

  13. Love wears no chains

    It’s ancient
    Timeless and free.

    love is isnt it…oh lots of beautiful touches in this one bren…i like your thoughts on love…may it never diminish…

  14. Wonderful flow here, and lovely sentiments too. Let’s hope it’s true. Love this poem.

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