Xena: Warrior Princess

An old debt had yet to be paid

A ghost behind the veil
waits for a sword’s mystical help
where in-between worlds
death can still be cheated
through ancient mist
if the Gods are pleased.

How absurd to play a coda
as if it were the end
of a love which never dies.

I shall tell it to the sky
I shall tell it to the clouds
I shall say it all in teardrops
on stormy nights like this.

Sometimes love needs a champion
The demon cannot win his
grand intention
with the sacred Katana
she’ll free the souls he’s trapped
in so doing will
find her own redemption
and hence, a state of grace.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

This video clip is taken from the last two-part episode of my most fav TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. ‘A friend in Need’
The music is from the movie Pearl Harbour.
Some of these episodes were downright silly but, some were very good.  In the final episode Xena has to die and use the sacred Katana to kill a demon ghost who eats souls to gain strength.

Very intense, passionate, lovely.

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