Tomorrow is another day

You play havoc with their
flirt till it hurts
make them want you so.

You tell them you love them
will never let them go
your eyes will catch another
across a crowded room
you meet them at their game
and, off you go again.

The dollar signs means everything
to you.

You can never ever be
but, in your mind you
don’t belong to anyone
but Ashley.
Never did and never will

’til you finally realised
what love was all about
but Rhett was leaving you by then
so sick of all your games
too late, you knew you’d lost him.

But with true O’Hara grit
you declared you’d win him back again.
The life you once knew may all have
gone with the wind but there was still hope

After all,
tomorrow is another day.


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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Tomorrow is another day”

  1. Wonderful take on the prompt while providing a nice synopsis of the movie. I had forgotten the plot. Thanks.

  2. Stubborn humans, never appreciating what they have until they don’t have it. Apllies to so many things. I wish everything lost held the possibility of winning it back. Nice, Bren.

  3. Great poem about a character that I love to hate. Like so many woman I’ve known but then again, I’m no Rhett Butler or Ashley Wilkes.

  4. For some, another day is another day of sameness and repetition. And tomorrow is another day, the person remains the same, sometimes they don’t change what they do. When will it be before they decide they have enough of yet another day and go for a new one instead? Interesting thoughts reading this one. Enjoyed the tale.

  5. scarlet.
    such a type of feminine strength and weakness.
    i taught a class on GWTW once… it’s one deep iceberg.
    worthy write.

  6. Very good…I never thought Scarlet and I would have been friends when I was younger but as I get older I respect her more. Love this.

  7. classics never grow old and we can always die another day.loved your take on the prompt.kudos!

  8. Great capture….I watched this movie again recently……….I get impatient with all the wiles, but it does tell a story about the Old South.

  9. When I started reading your poem, I thought: How selfish this person seems to be. Then I realized you were writing of Scarlet O’Hara – she is such a memorable character, isn’t she. Multi-facted indeed.

  10. excellent…sends my mind to the mistakes I have made…sometimes we forget about the morrows and only worry about the day and often we do not realize what we already have is not bad at all…that is what your words do for me…it is not bad to reflect on our errors…thanks for turning my mind on

  11. tomorrow is a new day for sure…but until she gets tired of the games, i dont know that she will ever find peace you know…i visited Tara once…and it has been far too long since i saw this movie…

  12. Nostalgic moments that had gone with the wind. Brought back memories, Bren! Rhett and Scarlet, Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh who could forget that. Clever way of getting on to them again in your verses. Beautiful rendition, Ma’am!


  13. Very well written on the prompt. It’s good to have hope. Hope makes us hang on for one more day.

  14. Nicely written to prompt, Bren. Can’t help throwing in my own philosophy here… Indeed sometimes life gives second chances, but sometimes when a person foolishly throws it all away, it is too late and the tomorrow a person wished for and thought he/she could reclaim cannot be found!

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