Tomorrow is another day

You play havoc with their
flirt till it hurts
make them want you so.

You tell them you love them
will never let them go
your eyes will catch another
across a crowded room
you meet them at their game
and, off you go again.

The dollar signs means everything
to you.

You can never ever be
but, in your mind you
don’t belong to anyone
but Ashley.
Never did and never will

’til you finally realised
what love was all about
but Rhett was leaving you by then
so sick of all your games
too late, you knew you’d lost him.

But with true O’Hara grit
you declared you’d win him back again.
The life you once knew may all have
gone with the wind but there was still hope

After all,
tomorrow is another day.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

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