Spring Awakening

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After winter’s stillness has settled Autumn’s passing grief
perhaps marrow in bones which ache and stiff hips from
all that cold, seek the heat once more to oil their creaks.

A hand hesitates.
Moves to open the sealed window against
a massive doubt
(maybe it is too soon, too soon)
and yet,
the heart always knows its secret need.

Wiping away weeping condensation
new hope rose in early morning sunlight.
The old frame groaned as heat reached in on
happy dust-mote beams
she espied the late spring awakening.

A full clatter of bright colours from
fresh sprung crocuses greeted her
from their distant flower beds.


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Shared with The Sunday Whirl #57

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

25 thoughts on “Spring Awakening”

  1. A lovely blend of action and thought. The simple act of opening a window carries whole new meanings for me now. I love that parenthetical line.


  2. the journey through autumn, winter, the heat reaches in, dust motes dancing on sunbeams, the color of crocuses, lovely.

  3. ‘The old frame groaned as heat reached in on
    happy dust-mote beams…’
    I imagine an older home in the country waking up – one that perhaps is only used in better weather. I would like to believe all my dust-mote beams are happy 🙂
    Thanks for your visit – no dolphins in my muddy creek – but other fun critters.

  4. The first two stanzas both open in cracking form:opening the window against a massive doubt and then wiping away the condensation to new hope. The final stanza is much quieter, which is apt. All-in-all, a lovely piece of work.

  5. You use the window image here so well. I love that the window is stiff and groaning- as if it is the one with “massive doubt”. I hope your windows are ready to be open to the outside and the warmer weather soon!

  6. indeed the heart does know what it needs but often its communication with the brain leaves something to be desired

  7. out of doubt rises new life….doubts never really bothered me, though i know i was taught as a kid that they were evil you know….questions to me are progress….the heart does know its needs you know….spring is that time of year for new life…smiles.

  8. What a sweet hopeful poem – a very Springish (!?!) verse indeed. And bravo to De for being brave enough to suggest correcting the typo! I see you have already done that so good on you …

    Thanks for stopping by the Poet Treehouse earlier – I appreciate it.

  9. Sometimes the window has to open just a bit to let in hope; and the color of the flowers in the distance let one know that it is not too soon…. Spring (and hope) returns.

  10. Beautiful write. Especially love:
    “The old frame groaned as heat reached in on
    happy dust-mote beams” Beautiful assonance here, and a lovely image.

    And too perfect a write to not mention a typo that needs fixin’: you mean “its secret need…”

  11. So beautiful, this tentative, then welcome accepting of spring…..so delayed this year. Today it is cool and gray and rainy AGAIN. Supposed to last all week. The little guy and I will go to the river anyway.

  12. “The heart always knows it’s secret need…”
    I love that line, and the last stanza’s clatter of colors. Spring is awakening. It was slow coming here, but I’m starting to see more and more green. 🙂

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