Outer Hebrides

Always quite an old fashioned child
I liked some classical music.
I really loved listening to
Felix Mendelssohn : The Hebrides Overture or, Fingal’s Cave.
It’s sounds of the sea crashing against rocks would
allow me to daydream.

I never once imagined that I would find myself
living there.
Benbecula is part of the island named
North & South Uist. At seventeen I was stationed there.
In the North Atlantic it was closer to Iceland than
anywhere else.

Apart from a pub at opposite ends of the islands
there was nothing there.
A few small white crofter cottages scattered here and there
and Hebridian cows.

The feud between the Campbells and MacDonalds two Scottish clans was still
very much alive because of the 1692 Massacre of Glencoe
and, we had to tread carefully with what we said.

Though the Hebrides is rough and rugged and. weather not for the
faint of heart
the only thing there is plenty of is, peat.

At seventeen I never knew that I would miss a tree so much.
For some inexplicable reason, North and South Uist does not
have one single tree. Not one!

After three and a half years, I craved to see a tree.
You would never think a teen would miss them and yet, I did.
There is something not right about not having any trees.

Now, I live in Canada a land of nothing but trees
and water, plenty of water.

I did enjoy my time in the Outer Hebrides but,
gosh I really did miss the trees.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

19 thoughts on “Outer Hebrides”

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine not being near trees! You wrote this with such a great conversational voice, Bren, I felt as though we’d sat down for a spot of tea as we listened to your favorite music you told of a precious past memory of trees or lack there-of in this case and your home now. So special! Thank you!

  2. i can’t imagine no trees at all! though we have more palm trees than anything else {except cacti} here in Arizona.

  3. I really enjoyed my introduction to the Outer Hebrides. I can understand the longing for trees though you loved the area. Love that you added the video.

  4. The Hebrides look stunningly beautiful, but I cant imagine no trees either. I have a hard enough time being an hour away from old growth, making do with second and third growth. The first poem I ever loved as a child was “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.”

  5. I do think it is hard to live somewhere where there are no trees. I know it would be difficult for me. Even if I go to Chicago for a day and see Skyscrapers but few trees, I am happy to return home. I have been in Scotland. Love it there. Strathaven, Glasgow, Edinburgh, John O’Groats, and the beautiful Orkneys, etc. Never the Outer Hebrides. They do seem very desolate. Your write made me think, and I thank you for supporting Poetry Jam!

  6. oh i would miss trees as well…they have something so majestic and soothing to them…loved to climb them as kids, sit in their shade…nice..

  7. Fingels cave was one of my favourites when I was discovering classical music for the first time, and it’s never lost its appeal…

  8. I remember reading about people who settled on the open plains of the US in the 1800s feeling the same way about trees. And I think I too would miss trees. The music is lovely and does seem to fit the place.

  9. I live in Oregon, a place known for its lush green forests … I can’t imagine not having trees around me. I enjoyed this little peek into your life.

  10. i think if i lived apart from trees it would def be hard on me as well…even when we lived at the beach we had trees you know, different but…its cool to see the different trees in different places though…

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