Fire in the sky

With gay aBANDon
she TOSSed back her head
and the WAter shimmERed.

DanCING flecks of gold
shone like a treaSURE chest
highLItING her loveLY face
from the fIRE in the sky.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Hope I did this right  (gulps)  LOL

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Outer Hebrides

Always quite an old fashioned child
I liked some classical music.
I really loved listening to
Felix Mendelssohn : The Hebrides Overture or, Fingal’s Cave.
It’s sounds of the sea crashing against rocks would
allow me to daydream.

I never once imagined that I would find myself
living there.
Benbecula is part of the island named
North & South Uist. At seventeen I was stationed there.
In the North Atlantic it was closer to Iceland than
anywhere else.

Apart from a pub at opposite ends of the islands
there was nothing there.
A few small white crofter cottages scattered here and there
and Hebridian cows.

The feud between the Campbells and MacDonalds two Scottish clans was still
very much alive because of the 1692 Massacre of Glencoe
and, we had to tread carefully with what we said.

Though the Hebrides is rough and rugged and. weather not for the
faint of heart
the only thing there is plenty of is, peat.

At seventeen I never knew that I would miss a tree so much.
For some inexplicable reason, North and South Uist does not
have one single tree. Not one!

After three and a half years, I craved to see a tree.
You would never think a teen would miss them and yet, I did.
There is something not right about not having any trees.

Now, I live in Canada a land of nothing but trees
and water, plenty of water.

I did enjoy my time in the Outer Hebrides but,
gosh I really did miss the trees.

©   Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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