Paul Gauguin. The Meal, 1891

The boys wait for her.
one asks;
‘What are we waiting for?’


her mind is not on
feeding them.
She’s thinking of another
boy in the village to whom
she’s given her heart
and yet, she could be invisible
for all the fruits of her labour.

Their parents always absent
Why do I always have to be mother?’
She thinks and sighs..

adopts even more attitude

‘and, who says bananas have to be yellow!’


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Shared with Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales #117 The Artist, Paul Gauguin

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

28 thoughts on “Attitude”

  1. Lovely piece. It took me straight back to an old schoolfriend who more or less raised her younger siblings as her mother drunk the day away. Sometimes wonder what what she’s doing now.

  2. They do seem to be waiting, and I enjoyed reading the poem. The mother is there, off the side, but I missed her too in this cropped version of the original painting.

  3. … and then again I remember that food fight .. we had food that day … so much food (roadkill, that is, but mind you …) it was precious … it was terrible … it was terribly precious …

  4. I love the life lessons of your poem, Daydreamer, and I hope you enjoyed the day yesterday. ( I did! ) Thanks for sharing this philanthropic insight. =D

  5. “she could be invisible
    for all the fruits of her labour” … Ha! What a great use of the image content. 🙂

    “adopts even more attitude” … Love this.

    I like the last line—the boys impatiently waiting for green bananas to ripen and the girl impatiently waiting for a boy to notice her. Maybe she’s decided to stop waiting; the kids can eat green bananas, and she can make the first move and go after that boy she likes.

  6. love this poem- so authentic: the big sis thinking of a boy she likes while being stuck taking care of her kid brothers – yes and why do bananas have
    to be yellow?

  7. One for the substitute mothers — sisters and siblings who have to play the “mother” role for one reason or another. Good capture and tale. Hope you had a great mother’s day!

  8. I agree you did a great interpretation of this painting~
    Sad, yet happens so often~

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! 😀

  9. A ‘missing’ mother may find problems later. It’s nothing like being together and eating together! Nice write, Ma’am!


  10. I was fortunate enough, recently, to see this artist’s exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, and it was wonderful. I love what you have done to go with this particular piece.

  11. sobering…makes me think of kids that we have sponsored in africa…its humbling to think of them…particularly at meal time…

    happy mothers day bren!

  12. “Who says bananas have to be yellow!’”
    Good question, since they spend most of their time being green.
    Which ain’t easy. 🙂

  13. Like how you captured her ‘attitude’ which seems to be written all over her face! Pity the girls who must mother before they are ready.

  14. haha they do look like they are waiting for her approval. Being a mother so young should not have to be done either.

  15. Nice interpretation though the absentee mother speaks volumes of the family situation ~

    Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day ~ No cooking today 🙂

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