Mayan Calendar

The significance of why these
indigenous peoples built pyramids
is lost to the visits of modern man.

We know they practiced many rituals
and were in many ways highly intelligent
Did they worship Gods or Goddess
were they really worshiping demons
in disguise.

Colourful flags, feathers and robes would
wave as High Priests elaborated their
intention with a string of
well known ceremonies
at the pyramid summit
and, to either please
or appease their sacred Gods
would slaughter thousands
of their own in


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This was where the worlde words leds me this week.
Had no idea that the original Mayan calendar was that big!
I heard on the news yesterday that they have ‘discovered’ a new Mayan Calendar that does not predict
the end of the world on Dec 21st 2012 after all.  New Mayan Calendar   Six months before half the world will go crazy with panic, I’d say it’s a most convenient and timely find… eh!

These people, their lives, their knowledge fascinates me.  The more I learn, the more I want to know.

Maya civilization

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I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

16 thoughts on “Maya”

  1. i find acient cultures to be fascinating…maybe its my inner indiana jones…smiles…i think it will be very interesting as well what the next 6 months will bring…whether people will actually put stock into something will actually happen…

  2. I like where the wordle words led you. A very different kind of summit. Left me thinking, as did Mary’s poem, what future peoples will think of us.


  3. Enthralling piece, Bren. It reminded me of a recent visit to the “Templo Mayor” here in Mexico D.F. What a fascinating culture the Mayan and Aztecs were.


  4. Yes! I read that too – that first Mayan calender is only one of many that could conceivably continue until the actual ‘end of time.’ The best I saw about Mayan calender was a joke where one Mayan asked the carver of said calender, “Why did you stop?” and the carvers’ reply was, “Because I ran out of room!”

  5. Perfectly fits these words, Bren, very good and very educational also for those who may not be familiar with it. I enjoyed this posting!!

  6. I love religious studies of any kind. The mayans were brilliant as well as the Greeks.
    I had to log on to say happy mother’s day to one of the most loving mothers on the net 🙂 ENJOY! XXXXXXOOOOOO

  7. Got to hand it to them for timing. I’ve been bemused by the number of people who seem to believe the world ends when you fall off the edge of the calendar.

  8. Aliens built the pyramids or time travellers haha…a new one found? Pffft that is a crock of bs. Waaaay to convienent.

  9. I like that your wordle path is through the Mayans. I have spent years studying them, as well as the Aztecs. Frightening and fascinating religions. Video games [the adventure sort] love setting stories connected to these peoples.

  10. So much we don’t know, will never know, can only wonder about or surmise. Your poem makes me ponder.

    (On another note, I am now checking out StumbleUpon in my spare moments. Neat site.)

  11. The words particularly suited the theme you chose, delightfully. That’s reassuring to know, a new Mayan calendar!

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