Paul Gauguin. The Meal, 1891

The boys wait for her.
one asks;
‘What are we waiting for?’


her mind is not on
feeding them.
She’s thinking of another
boy in the village to whom
she’s given her heart
and yet, she could be invisible
for all the fruits of her labour.

Their parents always absent
Why do I always have to be mother?’
She thinks and sighs..

adopts even more attitude

‘and, who says bananas have to be yellow!’


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Mayan Calendar

The significance of why these
indigenous peoples built pyramids
is lost to the visits of modern man.

We know they practiced many rituals
and were in many ways highly intelligent
Did they worship Gods or Goddess
were they really worshiping demons
in disguise.

Colourful flags, feathers and robes would
wave as High Priests elaborated their
intention with a string of
well known ceremonies
at the pyramid summit
and, to either please
or appease their sacred Gods
would slaughter thousands
of their own in


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This was where the worlde words leds me this week.
Had no idea that the original Mayan calendar was that big!
I heard on the news yesterday that they have ‘discovered’ a new Mayan Calendar that does not predict
the end of the world on Dec 21st 2012 after all.  New Mayan Calendar   Six months before half the world will go crazy with panic, I’d say it’s a most convenient and timely find… eh!

These people, their lives, their knowledge fascinates me.  The more I learn, the more I want to know.

Maya civilization

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #56