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Being a bit of a news buff
I like a varied source.
CTV am (Canadian TV ) first thing
in the morning because the news
is mostly island, Maritime and
the weather is pretty accurate.

Then I turn to the BBC World news
my small way of keeping a little
in touch with what’s happening
across the pond and on a wider
global scale.

Later, I switch to CNN to catch up
with what’s happening in the
good old U S of A


When chores are all done
and, I’m all news-Ed out
All done with blogging
reading, Facebook-ing
(bored now with Twitter)
I log into Stumble Upon
and stumble through web pages
that are of interest to me.

Amazing the things they can
tell you that you never knew
about yourself
I have over 160 topics of

I stumble my way through
a huge variety of
interesting and fascinating
the latest in gadgets and gizmos
that are destined to become a part
of our everyday life
and wonder where technology
will end once it out-thinks
our human brain and, deems us
obsolete to its needs.

Sometimes I feel like saying
‘Stop the world, I want to get off’


I also love this painless
technological ride.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

For all it’s wonders, I do think that technology is also turning us all into solitary islands. Lost in our own virtual worlds, and unless kids are set proper limits they sink into their hand held games, ipods and cell phone texting, becoming addicted to them and we are forgetting how to socially interact properly now. S

So much has changed in the past 10 years, I wonder what the end of the next 10/15/ or 20 will look like.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

25 thoughts on “Stumbleupon”

  1. h, that is the rub isn’t it. the painlessness of the ride? But it also create other anxieties, I think, often more hidden to perceive and even understand. Your poem exhibits the immense attraction of being embroiled in these events that have no relationship to our real life but create the illusion that they are perhaps even more real than our own lives. But that calls into question the very nature of reality, doesn’t it, another source of anxiety. Your own fears that technology might replace what we see as normal or is perhaps a reflection of these other concerns.

  2. Stumbleupon sounds interesting … but I can’t handle any news … especially not in the morning … or at night … or in the middle of the day 🙂

  3. and wonder where technology/will end once it out-thinks/our human brain and, deems us/obsolete to its needs.

    A scary thought, but some excellent lines!

  4. Wise words, daydreamer. I’m with you all the way. It’s getting to grips with the technology that’s keeping my old brain on a learning curve.

  5. Bren,
    I enjoyed your poem and the expressive way you shared your news day~ I do think we need more balance in our worlds. WE are tilted at the moment. I find more kindness on line, than in my real world. People become more disconnected,as technology grows! Warped…

  6. I get this with my addiction to pinterest and countless other sites.Your post hit home for me. and yes, I watch the B.B.C America too, for the same exact reason. smiles and Blessings

  7. You’re absolutely right, Bren! I more or less follow a similar routine. FB and twitter are just memories now. May be later. Checked out StumbleUpon. Would add this on a daily basis now. Great write Ma’am!


  8. yeah, I wonder how things will be down the road as well. Twitter’s also kind of bored me lately, I still read it but just haven’t had the enthusiasm to tweet as I once did, but stumbleupon can be addictive. Nice post, thanks.

  9. ‘obsolete to its needs’ you can say that again, because I’m not sure that in a system based on logic we serve any function. Great write.

  10. I enjoyed reading your approach to the news, Bren. I also went to check out StumbleUpon after reading your post. Looks like a cool site. All I need is one more place to haunt on the internet. LOL.

  11. Yeah many a time we need to unplug as we are losing the ability to communicate offline. No matter what comes there is always a pro and con, but I think things will prob be scarier with tech as we head to the future and they might find us obselete and the machines will rule.

  12. I hear you loud and clear…I think though it needs a balance..right now my daughter is outside playing because of the warm weather…i prefer this than her being in the computer the whole time ~

    Happy day to you ~


  13. you know i have never really gotten into stumble upon…it just did not grab me…and i guess i had to say no to something you know…lol….we def need to work at keeping balance for sure bc its easy to get out of it…

  14. whew..look at that first computer…scary sometimes how fast things develop…and fascinating at the same time.. i think all the technology and social media stuff has its pro’s and con’s and we need to act smart and balance wisely….nice..enjoyed your take bren

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