Google Images: The World’s 1st Computer

Being a bit of a news buff
I like a varied source.
CTV am (Canadian TV ) first thing
in the morning because the news
is mostly island, Maritime and
the weather is pretty accurate.

Then I turn to the BBC World news
my small way of keeping a little
in touch with what’s happening
across the pond and on a wider
global scale.

Later, I switch to CNN to catch up
with what’s happening in the
good old U S of A


When chores are all done
and, I’m all news-Ed out
All done with blogging
reading, Facebook-ing
(bored now with Twitter)
I log into Stumble Upon
and stumble through web pages
that are of interest to me.

Amazing the things they can
tell you that you never knew
about yourself
I have over 160 topics of

I stumble my way through
a huge variety of
interesting and fascinating
the latest in gadgets and gizmos
that are destined to become a part
of our everyday life
and wonder where technology
will end once it out-thinks
our human brain and, deems us
obsolete to its needs.

Sometimes I feel like saying
‘Stop the world, I want to get off’


I also love this painless
technological ride.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

For all it’s wonders, I do think that technology is also turning us all into solitary islands. Lost in our own virtual worlds, and unless kids are set proper limits they sink into their hand held games, ipods and cell phone texting, becoming addicted to them and we are forgetting how to socially interact properly now. S

So much has changed in the past 10 years, I wonder what the end of the next 10/15/ or 20 will look like.

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