It’s raining
but I cannot curse its touch
for I love it’s gentle
splat upon my skin.

In wanting to believe
sometimes we are blind
We cannot see the truth
before our eyes.

Clouds of doubt invade
nothing can dampen
the true spirit’s flame
kept inside our
secret spaces.

I hold onto my love
as if it were God’s armor
and set the sky to tremble
with the sword of truth.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

Image ‘borrowed’ from Eclipse of the moon (s) blog.

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLXXI: Dampen, keep, tremble
Poetry Jam The blind leading the blind

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

32 thoughts on “Tremble”

  1. setting the sky to tremble with the sword of truth…i like this..sometimes we really can’t see what is right before our eyes…

  2. Good to see you here at Poetry Jam this week and thank you too for visiting my blog. I like the way this poem flows and the way you have handled the metaphor.

  3. Lovely rain poetry.
    I really like the first stanza.
    Love the confidence and strength in this.
    It’ll rain here tomorrow… can’t wait to go splash into puddles with my little bro =P

  4. Mmm, delicious! I love the confidence here. And her lovely pose. We come out of the depths of the sea already dressed in armor.

  5. Simply absolutely beautiful.

    I’ve been thinking about this theme this week, as my husband is closing down his former business and about to go work for someone else. There may be little doubts or worries of unknowns, BUT those secret “God’s armor of love” places just keep chucking right along and making everything beautiful.


  6. forever and ever, amen and amen. this life-affirming
    poem of yours for me is about never ending hope and
    the sublte, sublime joys of life- that are often
    quiet. thank you.

  7. Break the doubt and carry on, take that sword and slash the dawn. Liked the use of the sword as you can see.

  8. You must have looked into my soul … Yet I feel “speechlessly” peaceful … You are a healer, Bren.

  9. What a powerful poem! I for one am so glad for those “secret spaces” where I can keep my own flame sheltered when necessary. Thanks for joining us at Poetry Jam this week!

  10. very nice…another rain poem…smiles….storms come to us all…but our beliefs are what keep us bouyed in them…i am not afraid of doubts as long as i cary truth…

  11. A strong poem, Bren. I do think doubt always lurks in the shadows of belief; but we just have to persevere despite those clouds!

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