Kids with Guns

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She came in the door yesterday
and before anything else
wanted a hug
Tells me she is scared
but not just her
…they all were.

Before I can ask why
runs off to
‘spend a penny’
then comes back and
tells me she’s scared again
voice raised a few octaves.

There’s a much older boy
in her drama class
who lost his cool.
he criticizes everyone
and, that’s okay
but it doesn’t work
both ways.
He goes off the deep end.

Today he lost it completely
so much so that a girl
called her parents.
The boy was asked to leave
and when they saw him
walking down the road
he was punching at the air
kicking and screaming
in such a rage.

Now she tells me she
thinks tomorrow he may
come to school with a gun
and kill them all.

What a sick place this
world of humans has become.


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This boy is apparently at least 2 years older than the other kids, is always criticizing everyone’s acting ability and their efforts but when a girl challenged him on his today he supposedly lost it, so much so that it scared them all.
I told Chloe not to be silly, that this is PEI and, we don’t have things like kids with guns going to school and that it could never happen but the sad thing is, with the anger issues so many of the youth have today, it could well happen here just as well as anywhere else.
How sad it all is.

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29 thoughts on “Kids with Guns”

  1. It is sad that our children are afraid – it is perhaps sadder that political correctness has deemed that children are little angels who need no guidance, boundaries and are free to do want they want.

    Children have so much power and not the maturity to deal with it.

    Anna :o]

  2. Shudder…that fear is real, even if it doesn’t materialize in a dull metal gleam of a gun…I hope things get sorted out.

  3. The photo is quite disturbing and you’ve laid out a serious matter well here. It’s sad that our kids have to be so terrified about going to school 😦

  4. how frightful ….though I don’t envy you, the accessibility to guns in the UK is much more stringent yet the threat of kids going off the deep end still exists regardless … great write if scary thank you for sharing !

  5. I remember something of the sort. Christmas ’38, in hospital. The boy in the bed opposite had tanks and stuff from Father Christmas. He was going to send them in the night to smash all our toys and kill those he didn’t like. I was terrified. The world was always thus, it hasn’t changed that much.

  6. ugh…this feels like a punch in the stomach…so difficult to know what to do as a teacher i think…so hopefully there’s a social worker or a friend who will be able to help him

  7. you’ve taken a very serious issue and laid it out for what it is…
    so sad. Hard to have our kids surrounded by all of this… but glad they told you about it.

  8. Yeah< and how we have to tolerate such abuse because someone else's pain And guns and violence is never the answer to anything. (unless it's u'r job like the police, u.s. forces or something). You get the point kids, guns, bad.. Your poem was something that needed to be written.

  9. Kids with guns is a carry-over of all the ‘shootings at High Schools’ It gets frightening that some see it as a hero-worship thing not much of a crime. Good for bringing it out in the open. Great write!


  10. Whew. Fear did indeed come in that door. This is terrifying, and well relayed. It hurts my heart, how much kids have to deal with now.

  11. do you watch “Sons of Anarchy” there was something about kids and gun on that…bottom line, sick parents!!

  12. Holy shit…..really? The guy needs some help…I think this is one of the realest pens I’ve ever read…this is happening right now….goddamn- and yeah you’re right…this world is fucked…

  13. What few of our parents had to deal with is now the inheritance of this generation. Your poem captured that quite effectively. Thank you. Sobering indeed.

  14. it’s so easy for people to pick up a gun and kill someone now-a-days… let alone kids… esp feel for the bullied ones who think that a gun will solve the prob… poor souls

  15. It is very frightening to think of what such a ‘kid’ could do, even without a gun. Do see the movie “Bully” if you have a chance. It is an eye opener for people of any age.

  16. This is a terrifying reality in all to many places. What amazes me is that we have learned in some measure to accept it–And Brian is right–in some measure as well, I feel to the ones who are so angry.

  17. Generally those with anger issues on the surface aren’t usually the ones that take the guns to the classrooms though. But then they can just as well as anyone else, if they decide to snap. Can happen anywhere and yeah it is scary indeed. It’s even worse now than when I went and that wasn’t that long ago.

  18. That kid needs immediate assessment and intervention. It is very sad when kids are afraid to go to school. And yes, sadly, it could happen anywhere. May Chloe be safe at school today. Does she have a phone with her?

  19. ugh….welcome to my world…i feel for those around him that are caught in the crossfire of his anger…i feel for him too because there is something there eating him as well…something happened to make that anger and he needs someone to step in and help him deal with it as well…

  20. This is really scary….I don’t know how I will react if this happens to my daughter’s school…but it needs to be discussed and reflected by students and school ~

  21. That’s terrifying. It’s a reality that has happened and these sort of rage talk can’t be easily dismissed as just “acting out” anymore.

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