Forgive me for I couldn’t dance
to all the tunes you played.

Always so coquettish
for some time I was entranced
but tired of the game
The never-ending chase.

In the small hours
a light came on
and I reached higher
than you can fly.

‘Rise up, rise up.
You are worth more than this.’

I turn from staring
into your abyss
and walk away.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

For my sister.  If someone doesn’t treat you right or value you, we are right to let them go.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

14 thoughts on “Worth”

  1. Excellent. I have found myself in that way, simply staring into a helpless situation just wishing. Come to realise I must care about myself and not based my happiness so much on whether or not this person is good to me or not.

  2. really nice one. the never-ending chase can be fun at first, but does grow tiresome quickly. That is an awesome photo. and your piece works with it very well. Thanks

  3. Yes! Absolutely perfect. I especially love “you are worth more than this” – which is the main message we all – hopefully – eventually learn.

  4. Oh that picture is so disturbing, and your words that suggest the possibilities of a relationship gone wrong make for a very powerful commentary on everyone’s right to be their own master.

  5. Its weird how everyone else can see this from a mile away, but when the picture is too up close, those at the brink have a hard time processing it. Its nice to have someone who cares enough to express it like this. Great writing.

  6. Yeah that sink hole can be a deep one to drag one selves out of, but it has to be done and so much more freeing when done too.

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