Super Moon

The hook is the ancient yearning.
Maybe it’s in our DNA.
A clear print somewhere in its cobalt coding.
That need we have to reach up to the sky.

No mere dot she is
in complete contrast to the
distant backdrop of stars which
align each clear night to wink at us
Flirt with our inner waves and set
our blood to vibrate.

Lunar emerging

what a sight for sore eyes.
So close to that longing
she’ll grind all thought to a halt
as she holds us in her sway
captures all words with her
beauty and grace.
Perhaps she’s giving us
another chance to dream


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #55

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

14 thoughts on “Super Moon”

  1. I think the moon is in our DNA. I love the moon, luna, female, last night super moon. I like her hold.

  2. I do so love the moon, full or otherwise. A few years back I read a piece that enlightened me (oooh sorry about the pun) about another image one can see…a rabbit! I love the ‘banana and fingernail moons… and when the sun and moon share the same sky. Luna is an enchantress!

    Thanks for your visit to my piece I do like it when the word list fades…

  3. I am with the others, Bren. A wonderful tribute to Luna. However, I was unable to view her last night for the cloud cover, what a disappointment 😦


  4. Truly does catch ones eye and leaves them staring off. Of course if you really want a super moon, the little rhyming behind of a certain cat could help out too..haha

  5. Gorgeous wordling! I loved: “hook is the ancient yearning” and “cobalt coding” and “No mere dot she is in complete contrast to the distant backdrop of stars.” So much to love about this beauty!

  6. I feel that pull everytime I look at the moon. And, I grind to a halt for a moment[s]. Love the DNA and its cobalt coding.

  7. Beautiful. I love ‘another chance to dream.’ I went out to try to see the Super Moon last night. Sigh. Too cloudy..what a disappointment. But yes, the moon does hold us in her sway, when we can see her!

  8. Love this poem on the moon. The moon is indeed mesmerizing, especially when it’s full, how round, and bright, with such character in its face, those shadows. And how magical, her silver light that shines down on all. Difficult to see that effect in the bright city and I miss it. 🙂

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