The Flying Song

Three of us and a dog
walked the beach
collecting treasures to keep.
Shells, glass, feathers and stones
we deemed too precious
to leave.

Filled with salt sea air
and, having given birth
to some of our dreams
we left for the drive home.

A request for music soon came from
the back seat as as all the
doors closed.

‘Sure, what song do you want to hear?’

Shrill voices replied in unison

‘The flying song.’

No sooner said than done.

I cranked up the volume
gave it full blast and flew
along the empty road
(going way too fast)
but without a real pair of wings
it is the only way to fly.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

It’s not a very good quality recording but, this is a song Céline Dion recorded especially for the (then) new Air Canada TV advertisment.  It has such a great beat and Chloe, her BFF Rebecca and I, would sing along to this at the top of our voices as I drove the car… LOL

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