Levon Helm

His singing reminds of
old days
better days
(in some ways)
Times when everyone worked
the land
and thought nothing of,
giving each other a hand
if they was short and
needed one.

Then, they drank whiskey and rye
and some even snuck in a
little moonshine.

His music filled
the room
with cheerful voice and
homespun tunes
folks would laugh at his
lyrical lines
dance to the beat of his drums
his music was meant to be fun
reflecting life the way it was
for them poor old dirt farmers.

Now he’s with the Angels
has them all tapping their feet
and beating their wings to his tunes

Play on forever Levon Helm.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

I had never heard of this man but, having heard him sing and read up now on some of his life. He’s seems to have been a really talented man but more importantly, he remained a very nice guy.

Shared with With Real Toads  Tribute to Levon Helm  Grammy winner, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, drummer and actor, who passed away on April 19

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

17 thoughts on “Levon Helm”

  1. smiles…nice bren…i would not mind a bit of that music when i get to heaven you know…he def has the misca skills…angels tapping there feet smiles….

  2. nice…this is really a beautiful tribute…and your closure had me smiling with him having the angels tapping feet and beating their wings to his tunes…niiiiccce..

  3. He definitely is an ‘old-fashioned’ kind of singer, singing of life as he knew it. Interestingly enough, as I researched him a bit I found that he sang in my town here in mid March, 2012. Despite cancer, he sang on. What an inspiration.

  4. Oh, yes, danced to the music of The Band a whole lot, I did. I love the idea of the angels beating their wings to his tunes. Good stuff.

  5. Brings back the memories of old times, Bren! A mentor to Elton and holding on to his own until 71 is really something. Great write!


  6. Your poem has so accurately echoed his voice, his music and his message. Love the thought of the angels tapping their feet to his tunes.

  7. Never heard of him either, but I agree reminds of older and arguably better times. Nice when one doesn’t get a big head either and remains down to earth.

  8. Yes… those were the good ole days. I’ll never forget when I went to college everyone listened to country music (there was nothing else in College Station, TX back then)… this so reminds me sitting around, listening to music, drinking beer.

  9. I love the way you worked a subtle rhyme into these lines, giving a musical feel to the reading. This is a wonderful tribute to Helm.

  10. Love this post on Levon, Bren … He was a mentor and friend to Elton John … so much so that Elton’s son is named Zachary Levon … 🙂

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