She closes her eyes
to see everything


becomes still as the great
wheel turns

because magic happens
inside that stillness.

Every rock whispers.
Its molecules vibrating
‘neath the warm glow of
the sun.

Every tree sings out a joy
of life from its roots
to trembling leaves
as all turn to face
the sky

every stream ripples.
Revels in its harmony
with the land.

Every creature lives
its life of gratitudes.

She hears a distant call of
the wolf to its mate

a whoosh of feathers as
an Eagle soars

Silent and still

she hears wisdom of the ancients
calling to her
through whispering winds
which ruffle her hair
tickle her skin
and she wishes
for once
(just once)
everyone could taste
this sweet ambrosia
in all the blessings
which love of life brings.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Poets United Think Tank #95 Wishes

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