The Right Path

Morning sun awakens
shares her generous beams
steering clouds of unknowing
onto other paths
out of troubled dreams.

In a world of darkness
we can sometimes
lose the way, feel lost inside
a forest of doubt.

Wind chimes play as
soft breezes tickle
their lines.
Sing out their hope
in just peels of
perfect sound.

The fates do not
penalize honesty.

I leave these reflections
to slip through my fingers
search again for the path
which is mine
keeping my light
aware that its truth will
continue to shine.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Whether it’s good to us or not, the path we choose is the right path, we couldn’t choose any other or, we would have, right?

Written for and shared with
Three Word Wednesday CCLXX   Generous, Just, Penalize
With real Toads  Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge: On the Road

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “The Right Path”

  1. Yes I agree our path is always there. Lots of good strong images and lines in this!

  2. It does seem like there generally is some light that finds one as one travels the paths of life. I do sometimes wonder how much one’s path is predetermined and how much real choice one has.

  3. The first stanza gives us hope that each day the light will shine trying to help us out of troubled dreams. Beautiful imagery! (still enjoying the Friesian baby? …. it just puts me into such a happy mood 🙂

  4. “keeping my light
    aware that its truth will
    continue to shine.”

    Such a hopeful feeling in this…knowing, trusting that no matter what choice we make we will hold on to this light, our truth. Beautiful thoughts!

  5. Beautiful, Bren. I love the wind chimes and also was particularly struck by “the fates do not penalize honesty”. Tho sometimes it feels like they do.

  6. I have always loved the word “shine” … like in “sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” … your poem makes me happy as well … and content … and confident 🙂

  7. Such an eloquent expression of the hopelessness that many have found themselves in, with a note of positivity in the last stanza.

  8. so lovely, i hear a harp playing, very soothing, echoe of a prayer.
    sing out their hope in peels of perfect sound – oooo.

  9. I like the forest of doubt, the wind chimes, and “as soft breezes tickle their lines.”

  10. The fates do not
    penalize honesty

    bang that is a zinger of a line…i also like the wind chimes as they tickle other senses but your last stanza def resonates with me…the things we let slip so we can return to our path and trust inthe light of our truth…

  11. The outside sun is important of course..but sometimes the inside solar power is of more import..I feel that here.. perseverance and yet enjoying the chimes..blowing you move on..beautiful..Jae

  12. Yeah we can get lost and turn about but one just needs to give a shout and follow the echo to stay the course, unless you trip over a rock, then you might be in for a shock.

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