The Right Path

Morning sun awakens
shares her generous beams
steering clouds of unknowing
onto other paths
out of troubled dreams.

In a world of darkness
we can sometimes
lose the way, feel lost inside
a forest of doubt.

Wind chimes play as
soft breezes tickle
their lines.
Sing out their hope
in just peels of
perfect sound.

The fates do not
penalize honesty.

I leave these reflections
to slip through my fingers
search again for the path
which is mine
keeping my light
aware that its truth will
continue to shine.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Whether it’s good to us or not, the path we choose is the right path, we couldn’t choose any other or, we would have, right?

Written for and shared with
Three Word Wednesday CCLXX   Generous, Just, Penalize
With real Toads  Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge: On the Road