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Sometimes I fall

I fall because I want
know there is a difference
between want and need.

I had a dream
Let go and, let God
they say
and, I try

Yes, yes, I try.

Some days I shine
a brand new button
on my jacket of life.
I wear it so proud
and bask in the beauty
of its glow.

Other days I’m dull
feathers fall
and the secret path
stays hidden
I race to hide behind
the eclipse.

Indulge me if you see
me run

It’s just me letting go
trying to stay sane.


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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Shine”

  1. Yes, I know let go and let God. A temporary fix…sometime. Not a long term solution. Sometimes I think that ‘solutions’ are the best kept secret.

  2. I love the forthrightness of your openness to frailty and mortality. The ending pulls together the reflection on your faultering but it ends with hope and charity towards self. A very uplifting poem, joyful to read.

  3. I let go a while ago … now I don’t want anymore … don’t want to want, that is … I guess I let go of that too …

  4. Becoming a big fan of your words! So honest- and creating a feeling I know well…that kind of up/downess, peaks and troughs…nice style to this write as well….it skipped off the tongue. Sometimes you’ve gotta let go…it’s just that letting go is scary

  5. great imagery here… yes, some days it feels so hard just to stay sane. and actually, running (literally) really does help me stay that way.

  6. Let go and let God… very important to me, many times very hard to do.

  7. The shiny new button on life’s jacket morphs to eclipse! Definitely know that feeling! Thanks for expressing it so candidly. K.

  8. Some days are just hard to get through…and others are not…I like the button 🙂 very nice!

  9. Hard to stay sane when one is crazy but I try haha..agreed there is a big difference between want and need, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting.

  10. oh yes…nothing more difficult than letting go at times…but so liberating if we manage…love the images you use..

  11. I love this poem SO MUCH!!!!! Love the shiny button on the jacket of life! Love the truth that some days we fly, some days stumble…….beautiful.

  12. smiles….yeah i know the days i try to stay sane, and days i can stand in the sun…love the way you present this bren, the shiny new button days and the others…and letting go is so hard, but also so wise, because there is much we can not control in this life…

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