Do Not Disturb

Permission by © Mama Zen Photography

The stars shone in your eyes little
one and now you’ve gone off
some where to dream.
To your world of make

You’ve had a busy day
all your friends came out to play
and you’ve cast some happy
spells down in the garden dell where
all the other faeries dwell in your
world of make believe.

I’ve seen those magic daisy rings
where you skip, dance and sing
on sunbeams hand in hand casting
spells for wishing wells and
granting more wishes to come true
for me and those who believe
in you and your world of make

Beautiful dreamer…
Tiny princess of the fae.
Dream dreams of unicorns and other
mystical things using mushrooms
for a pillow upon which to lay
those tired wings.

Come back again when morning
is due as fresh as those daisies
and with bright shiny new wishes
in the palm of your hand
to grant them all again
with a wave of your
magic wand
and the
land of make believe.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

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Mary Celeste

Intrepid eyes follow flocks of gulls, squinting for a better view as overhead clouds squander more daylight. The ship should not have been in this sea lane.
With a sense of decency and accommodate maritime laws the captain issued intractable orders. They would row across the choppy, narrow alley now between the two ships, hopefully beating the bad weather closing in.
Climbing up the sides of the dead-in-the-water-ship, soon they found pewter mugs still filled with liquid and, half eaten biscuits, now green from mold. A trip around the whole ship led to more intrigue. The crew had simply disappeared leaving nothing to attest or pass down into history, of whatever happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste.


For some reason the wordle words reminded me of this. The tale of the Mary Celeste has intrigued thousands since she was discovered adrift and abandoned one month after setting sail. There have been many theories as to what occurred on board some of which are covered by the link to Wikipedia.

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