In ancient Egypt they worshiped
the Goddess Sekhmet
she was known to have slaughtered
a few of them
(by the thousands)
and hence she developed quite a
penchant for drinking
human blood
they didn’t want it to be theirs.

Sekhmet it was
(or maybe it was Lilith)
no-one knows for sure
who spawned the Vampire lore
Sekhmet was part lioness and as such
a fearless hunter.
A soldier deity who could kill
you or might cure you
depending on her pleasure.

(it is said)
were the first kings and queens
of Egypt
feeding on the essence of man
to keep them in that place.

through time and inter-breeding
their once mighty rule became weakened
Blood lines so watered down
powers all but forgotten
and the long sleep would seem to
be the only cure
until such time as it was right
for them to roam the lands
once more
yet in their weakened state
under cover of cloak and dagger
blood suckers of the night.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved


I’ve always thought any myth has to have first been ‘seen’ to be believed and then to be handed down through generations. In ancient times, there had to have been such things as centaurs, men with wings, humans with animal heads, or, why ever would they go the the bother of carving them into their stone or, paint them on walls. I do believe Egypt holds many answers to so many questions regarding knowledge of our past and such but, I also believe the powers that be will never allow us to learn it either, unless it is posted online and discovered by the masses in that way.

The second picture is also of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet and, is of all places, housed in Vatican City. Her story makes for interesting reading.

Vampire Nation There’s a lot about ancient vampires online, I found this an interesting read too.

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Author: Daydreamer

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19 thoughts on “Sekhmet”

  1. Nice. I especially liked your commentary at the end. Can there be anything created from pure imagination or must it have been “real” first? That’s a very interesting question.

  2. I like this one. Nice that it’s different from the usually romantic vampire angle. Going from divine, to royalty to their decline. I agree with you, that there’s probably much to be learned from the ancient Egyptians, much of their lore is ancient even in the ‘ancient’ times.

  3. Your poem mined some interesting mythology to build vampire lore – I’d thought I’d learned enough of the Egyptian connection this from “The Queen of the Damned”, but this brought to the fore an aspect of that mythos that I’d failed to appreciate. Engaging.

  4. Oh this is so cool, the merger of myth with history, with the intersection of reflection. Great job, everything from the verse to the notes. very cool. Thanks

  5. feeding on the essence of man
    to keep them in that place… a line that stood out for me…i like that you start it with the egyptian goddess and secrets…a great culture which held much magic for sure

  6. Oh my, I’ve always been fascinated by Egypt and I’m glad you worked it in the theme. Love the storytelling. 🙂

  7. I think I might have seen that exhibit, or something like it, at the Met. Very cool. It is truly fascinating the Egypt already had thousands of years of culture before the Ancient Greeks or Romans even existed.

  8. Thanks for sharing that piece of info….I can imagine some of these tales have some grains of truth….who knows really what other creatures roam our planet ~ Nice one ~

  9. Oh such an interesting read……..I suspect you are right about Egyptian history…….Mystery of the White Lions talks about how the very first humans shared caves with lions, and helped each other survive….interesting.

  10. I’m right with you, all myth is based on some form of truth. But you know something like a centaur could have came from the first man to ride a horse. People saw that and figured it was a man horse hybrid. Although there is a lot to the past indeed and much of it we will never ever know. Oh and a cat too, the cat likes that.

  11. i would agree with egypt holding many of the secrets…it is interesting you pull on the vampries starting there….anne rice did as well in her book series…and those that are revered as gods then would have certainly fit the bill…kinda crazy stuff huh…i like this much bren

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