My dog Timmy 🙂

I drift along on gondolas
in a lazy sky.
Slowly sink into an ethereal world
beyond the realm of real.

A dog waits, patient.

Mellow mood ensues as
capricious memories hop
skip and dance across the blue.

Sun’s rays picking up dust particles
the dog waits.

An ocean doesn’t lose a drop by
sharing its kisses with the shore
trees lose their life or beauty
without their coat of leaves.

The sky, land, sea
all of these truths I need
to set my soul free


The dog waits, patient
for his walk.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

14 thoughts on “Contemplation”

  1. This is a very nice read, the thoughts and the patient dog a nice counterpoint and yet in perfect harmony.

  2. None of my dogs were ever that patient…lol. Some lingering visuals and a relaxing freedom about this one. Like the mood it puts me in.

  3. just lovely the way you weave words between reverie and present moment reality… love this especially:

    An ocean doesn’t lose a drop by
    sharing its kisses with the shore

  4. Oh I so love the feeling in this poem……the adorable little dog waiting….the inner view, and the outer, and then the philosophy in the poem’s ending. Wonderful writing! Uplifting, and the reader carries something away from the reading.

  5. I love how you kept trying in reality with the dog waiting for his walk!
    He is adorable, did he get his walk?! I bet he did~
    I knew you would share the ocean 😀

  6. really nice…i love the natural elements…the sharing of the ocean and the tree and not losing…and the patiently waiting pups…i imagine they share much the same as well…the feeling we get in just bieng with them…cute pic too…smiles.

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