All Together

Once upon a time
there was a sanctuary
no-one wore a mask
never any need
emotions too, went unchecked

Something knocked the world\askance
and, in that unwieldy pause
I awoke to the stranger in
your eyes.

Sometimes we flail in raging rivers
tread water ’til we burn from
too much ice which can settle
in the heart.

Pages turn through spokes
in the wheel
clap, clap, clap
(I used to do this)
such a satisfying sound
of what could be Tarot cards
playing out our musical fate
one ride at a time.

Shadows elongate as the sun
goes down
and I wait to see new birth
(having gone through a type of
my own)
knowing now
all spirits flow into
the same stream of

I am
You are
She is
They are
We are

All together



© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

Some of this was inspired by photographer and poet Margaret Bednar Who shared with us that her friend’s horse is about to give birth to a foal at any time and that it can be watched live on cam Here  WrosieQ

I find all aspects of nature and life, so magical, miraculous and, filled with wonder.

As kids we used to take playing cards and peg them to the spokes of our bikes so they’s make that clapping noise as the wheels turned. …LOL

Shared with
dVersepoets Meeting the Bar: Allegory
Poets United Think Tank #94 #Wonder

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “All Together”

  1. This poem really spoke to me on so many levels!
    The spokes, the Tarot cards…a whirl of images!
    I loved it 😀

  2. “All spirits flow into the same stream” — so very true, Bren. This was a beautiful, thoughtful write.

  3. nice..we used to to this as well with our playing cards…bit of magic came back with this one..i love that you start it like a fairy tale and then the falling out of it..enjoyed it much bren

  4. Ahhhh,. that is so nice.

    Fluffy Butt is about to have kittens, so we’ll soon be experienceing new birth too. Exciting!

    I sense no ice in YOUR heart my dear.


  5. This is a particularly lovely poem, kiddo…… many beautiful lines, such a lovely flow to it………and a philosophy with which I resonate, as you know. The most striking line, for me, was “I awoke to the stranger in your eyes.” Wow. Profound.

  6. and here is another one I am having fun watching “Premier Freisians”. I think the mare (Cam 1) is a Percheron and the father is a Friesian and she hasn’t given birth yet. The other baby and mommy (Cam 2) are so fun to watch throughout the day – this morning the foal did not know how to nurse… it kept trying to drink from behind her front legs (ha). Now it is an energetic little stinker! 🙂

  7. In the end, we are all one. 🙂 I like how you ended this. Oh, and WrosieQ is my friends horse …. the barn is literally just around the corner from my house 🙂 I called her and she said she doesn’t think she will deliver tonight. But soon … it could be next weekend. Either way, it is fun to watch the little one once it is born too! Here is a link I have been enjoying of a Friesian mommy and baby:

    We watched this little one struggle to its feet early this morning. 🙂

  8. I don’t know where to begin. To start with, I hadn’t picked up on the title and was struck about how the stanza’s switched from a generic “once upon a time” to I, to we, etc…Your images work so well, my favorite being the Tarot cards playing out our musical fate in the spokes of the wheel. Great poem.

  9. I got a very real sense of connectedness despite differences and dissimilar circumstances. And I bipped over to check on Mama Mare, too!

  10. Cards in spokes was fun made lots of noise. Although the dog didn’t like them and tried an to eat them as the wheel went round and round..haha

  11. It’s confectionery and those spokes are of a bicycle wheel: I can feel it chugging through my hands, when I balance the wheels and check the spoke tension. Lovely feel to this.

  12. I agree with Brian on the tarot cards stanza, this builds so well and I love the sentiment. Though I might have a bit of a fright in a world where emotions go unchecked but that’s just a bit of my childhood wounding :). Truly beautiful and I needed to hear it today. I hope your hand is healing well.

  13. oo i really like the tarot cards stanza…made me think of baseball cards in bicycle spokes….used to make engine noises you know…smiles….and somewhere the world got a bit skewed and we became strangers…so true…very nice spin bren…

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