Warrior Queen

Born of ancient tribal lines
a woman before her time.

Her beauty is renowned.

But do not be fooled
for she has used weapons often. Blade
and spear are both worn and bloody
from those who would abuse
or, betray her trust.

She is perfection stepped
from a dream.
A real life warrior queen.

Veiled, which only
adds to her allure
any man who would challenge
or do battle to bring her
to her knees, then
carry out his kinky conquest
had better think twice for
She’ll entice with a wink
and, kill them in less
than a blink of those
beautiful eyes.

But, she can be tender too
in caring for her tribe
and when the lore is written
about this warrior lacking
maybe they’ll remember
to also write that

Out of the strong
came forth sweetness.


©  Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “Warrior Queen”

  1. Love your close,

    “Out of the strong
    came forth sweetness.”

    Really ties it all together. I mixed three word with my PJ offering this week, too! Great job with this, it really speaks to the diversity of the strength in women! Smiles!

  2. Strength and sweetness, the ultimate appeal in any character.Love the part about enticing the men with a wink and then killing them in a blink of an eye. LOL. The truth is that the female is far more of a ruthless killer than her male counterpart particularly when it comes to dealing with her own sex. The French knew that centuries ago.

    “When one woman strikes at the heart of another,she seldom misses and the wound is invariably fatal.” Marquise de Merteuil. A good reason for taking refuge in men:)

  3. fantastic!!! 🙂 I love this: “She is perfection stepped
    from a dream.
    A real life warrior queen.”

    Thanks Queen! You’re too kind. I have my moments but I do pass through often, just not too talkative of late though, smooches!

  4. It is often overlooked I think, that people with strong personalities can also be sweet and gentle. love the way you capture that sentiment in your poem. Hope you’re feeling better and your hand is healing nicely.

  5. Wow this is an impressive poem as well as an impressive woman. Wonderful last stanza especially. The rhythm and out-loud feel of this poem makes me think it is a particular form but I am not familiar enough with all the forms and their names to recognize it. Excellent.

  6. nice…it sounds like she has a wonderful balance to her…i think leaders need that…the strength in one hand and the peaceful care in the other….nicely done bren

  7. Yes, I am sure some of the strongest people also have / had a tender side; and vice versa. I am sure women in ‘ancient times’ often had to take charge!

  8. I love this poem for various reasons … it would take writing a book in order to explain …

  9. The last line is so wonderful..strength must never be confused with harshness..and how wonderful it would be to be a warrior..not a worrier..Jae

  10. I so love the way this poem, like the woman, brings forth sweetness out of the strong. Lovely ending, which shifts the entire perspective, as one reaches these defining lines. Very clever.

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