Warrior Queen

Born of ancient tribal lines
a woman before her time.

Her beauty is renowned.

But do not be fooled
for she has used weapons often. Blade
and spear are both worn and bloody
from those who would abuse
or, betray her trust.

She is perfection stepped
from a dream.
A real life warrior queen.

Veiled, which only
adds to her allure
any man who would challenge
or do battle to bring her
to her knees, then
carry out his kinky conquest
had better think twice for
She’ll entice with a wink
and, kill them in less
than a blink of those
beautiful eyes.

But, she can be tender too
in caring for her tribe
and when the lore is written
about this warrior lacking
maybe they’ll remember
to also write that

Out of the strong
came forth sweetness.


©  Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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